Pokemon Go: Slowpoke Spotlight hour 2021, 2x transfer candy

Slowpoke island from the Pokemon Anime

Pokemon Go is holding another of its weekly spotlight hours, and it’s about time for Slowpoke spotlight hour 2021, good luck trainers!

When is the 2021 Slowpoke Spotlight hour?

The 2021 Slowpoke spotlight hour in Pokemon Go will take place on June 15th at 6:00 PM local time. The event will run for the hour, ending at 7:00 PM local time the same day.

This is the usual fare for spotlight hours, short events with a specific focus is the norm here.

The Pokemon Slowpoke
The Pokemon Slowpoke, Credit: Bulbapedia

What can we expect from the 2021 Slowpoke Spotlight Hour?

As is typical with these events, it’ll be quite simple. Spotlight hours in Pokemon Go consist of one hour, spawning nothing but the specified Pokemon. This means you’ll see plenty of Slowpoke and not much else.

If you’re a fan of Slowpoke, it’ll be great. If not, well then probably not so much.

It’s also worth noting that Spotlight hours come with a bonus effect, and this one features doubled transfer candy, meaning every Slowpoke you capture can then be transferred for an additional two candy as opposed to one. Note that this bonus extends to all Pokemon.

This event bonus is a great generalist one, use it to dispose of anything you have unneeded duplicates of.

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Is there anything else?

The only other thing to consider is that Spotlight hours make excellent chances to farm for shiny Pokemon variants based on the sheer volume of the single type of Pokemon available.

If you’re considering hunting for a shiny Slowpoke, you can check out how it looks in advance below:

Shiny Slowpoke in Pokemon Go, (used: Slowpoke Spotlight Hour 2021)
Shiny Slowpoke in Pokemon Go,
Credit: PokemonGo Fandom Wiki

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Like a lot of other generation 1 shinies, the difference is quite minimal. The main body is simply a paler shade of pink. Of course, the appearance makes little difference for those purely interested in collecting shinies in general.

With that covered, it’ll be your decision if you try to hunt down a shiny Slowpoke during this event. Good luck Trainers!

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