Pokemon Go: Koffing spotlight hour, doubled capture candy

Koffing in the Pokemon anime

This week’s Spotlight hour in Pokemon Go will feature Koffing, the Poison Gas Pokemon, as well as a doubled capture experience bonus.

What can we expect from Koffing spotlight hour?

Just in case you haven’t taken part in one of these before, I’ll give you a brief summary of Pokemon Go’s Spotlight hours – if you already know what to expect, feel free to skip to the next subheader down for the time of the event.

These events are effectively one-hour bursts of what you’d expect from a Community day – or at the very least, the spawns part of one. That means they’ll replace all the usual wild Pokemon spawns you’d encounter with the featured Pokemon for the duration of the event.

With that in mind, that’ll mean a lot of Koffing for this one. That’s great if you want or otherwise just like Koffing, not so much otherwise.

Fortunately for those who simply do not like Koffing very much, there is always an added bonus to go with spotlight hours, and this one is at least one of the more useful ones. The Koffing spotlight hour will feature doubled capture experience, which while certainly not the best bonus, at the very least it beats the doubled evolution experience one.

Koffing in the Pokemon anime
Credit: Bulbapedia, the Pokemon Company

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When is the Pokemon Go Koffing spotlight hour?

The Koffing Spotlight hour in Pokemon Go will start on February 15th at 6:00 PM local time and as you may expect, runs for one hour until it ends at 7:00 PM local time.

For those unfamiliar with local time, in short, it’s the time wherever you happen to be. So you don’t have to worry about timezones for this one at all, the game should handle it all for you – though if you’ve experienced issues with local time previously perhaps due to living in a specific location, it may repeat, so bear personal experience in mind.

Anything else worth mentioning?

The only other thing worth a mention here is whether or not Koffing is available as a Shiny, as these events can be pretty good for farming a specific Shiny, with the bonus that the limited time makes sure you don’t burn out as much – in this case, specifically, Koffing is currently available as a Shiny Pokemon, so feel free to farm for it if you’re looking for one. Good luck with that search.

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