Pokemon Go: How to evolve Pansear into Simisear

Simisear in the Pokemon Anime

Simisear is the Fire-type of the Elemental Monkey trio introduced in Gen-V, but how exactly do you get Simisear in Pokemon Go? Do you need any special items for the evolution, or are there any other requirements?

Fortunately, these are pretty easy questions to answer, so let’s get straight into it.

How to get Simisear in Pokemon Go

Getting Simisear in Pokemon Go isn’t the hardest challenge, though of course if you want to get started you’re going to need to find yourself a Pansear, the pre-evolved form. You’ll likely need quite a few of them, as the evolution cost is set at 50 candies – so catch all of the ones you see while you’re hunting for the evolved form.

On the upside, doing so should give you a fair bit of choice of which to evolve – and hopefully at least one of them will have good stats by the time you have enough candy.

Following on from the candy requirement, you’ll also need a Unova Stone.

Simisear in the Pokemon Anime
Credit: Bulbapedia, The Pokemon Company

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Unova Stones aren’t quite as annoying to get as the likes of Sinnoh Stones, though they’re not significantly easier either. You’ll mostly find Unova Stones from claiming your Research breakthrough rewards and beating Team Go Rocket Leaders in battles.

You might also be able to find one through limited-time research or rarer tasks, so keep an eye on your research tasks accordingly.

When you’ve found yourself a Unova Stone, make sure to check out the link above to be certain you want to use it for Simisear – there are quite a few Pokemon who need these items to evolve.

Is there anything else to know?

Once you’ve decided you’re sure you want Simisear, go ahead and hit that Evolve button and you’re done here. Just make sure to check out what else a Unova Stone can get you with our article on Unova Stones here, as it is used for a fair few Pokemon.

If you’d like my opinion, the elemental monkey trio aren’t the most interesting Pokemon, and mostly serve as Pokedex fillers, though with that said their move pools might give them some use in mid to lower tier PvP.

That’s about everything that needs to be said for how to get Simisear in Pokemon Go, really. If you’re looking for more Pokemon Go content like this guide or other news and stories, you can find them in our Pokemon Go Category, and if you’d instead like to see more by me specifically, you can find my page here.