Pokemon Go: How to defeat Shellos, weakness and counters

Both types of the Pokemon Shellos

Shellos, the Sea Slug Pokemon, will be appearing frequently in Pokemon Go raids quite soon, so have some tips on its weakness and potential counters.

This brief guide is here to give you a basic overview of how to counter Shellos in Pokemon and exploit its weakness properly to make the raid or any PvP battles you do as easy as possible. While the Sea Slug Pokemon isn’t terribly powerful alone, every advantage can be useful in repeat or prolonged battles.

What is the biggest weakness of Shellos in Pokemon Go?

Grass-Types are the clear winner while battling Shellos, as they resist most of Shellos’ possible attacks while having no weaknesses to anything they can use. Electric-Types are still a good counter choice in Pokemon Go for battling Shellos, they just have a risky matchup into the Ground-Type attacks Shellos might use.

How did we find the most reliable counter?

As is typical in any Pokemon title, including Go, precisely how strong a Pokemon is and what moves it uses may vary depending on the individual, but there are a few things that remain consistent across all of any given species of Pokemon.

The easiest of these to exploit is often the Pokemon’s Type.

Shellos is simply a pure Water-Type, so Water-Type weaknesses and strengths apply here in full. That makes Shellos quite good against a few things, and have a weakness to two specific types. Can you remember what Water-Types are weak to? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got it all below.

Both versions of the Pokemon Shellos
Credit: Bulbapedia

Shellos Type Interactions in Pokemon Go

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Steel
  • Water

Being a pure mono-Type Pokemon, Shellos’ resistances reduce these types to dealing 62.5% of their usual damage.

  • Electric
  • Grass

Both of these types, similarly, will deal 160% damage – as Shellos in mono-Type, neither can exploit a double weakness or the like to better counter it in Pokemon Go. So, now we’ve got it down to two Types left, which makes the best Shellos counter in Pokemon Go between them?

Let’s take a look at what Shellos can do and find out.

East Sea shellos in the Pokemon anime
Credit: Bulbapedia

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What moves does Shellos use in battle?

Fast Attacks
  • Hidden Power (Normal)
  • Mud-Slap (Ground)
Charged Attacks
  • Body Slam (Normal)
  • Mud Bomb (Ground)
  • Water Pulse (Water)

As it happens, this is quite a clear choice. Electric-Types, one of our two possible counter choices in Pokemon Go against Shellos, are weak to Ground-Type attacks. This means that Grass-Types may be a superior choice immediately.

On top of that, Grass-Types will actually resist both the Ground-Type and Water-Type attacks Shellos can use, making them significantly superior to Electric-Types for this one.

West Sea Shellos in the Pokemon Anime
Credit: Bulbapedia

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Shellos weakness and counters summary

If you’re fighting a Shellos, your counter options are Electric-Types and Grass-Types. Between these, Grass-Types have a clear edge over Electric-Types, as Electric-Types will suffer against Shellos’ Ground-Type attacks, which Grass-Types will resist instead.

This doesn’t mean Electric-Type Pokemon are bad here, they still exploit Shellos’ water-Type weakness well, they’re just unnecessarily risky when compared to Grass-Types if both are available.

That’s about everything you need to know to defeat any Shellos you encounter, best of luck Trainers.

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