Pokemon Go: How to defeat Lugia, Weakness & Counters

Lugia in Pokemon Generations, used forPokemon Go Weakness

Last Updated on: 5th September 2021, 02:12 pm

Lugia is a popular Legendary Pokemon and happens to currently be in high-level raids in Pokemon Go – but do you know Lugia’s weakness?

This is a shorthand guide piece designed to inform you what counters exist to defeat Lugia in Pokemon Go, whether you encounter it in raids or PvP, these weaknesses will apply in both modes and should give you a super-effective advantage against this Psychic/Flying-type Legendary.

What counters Lugia in Pokemon Go?

When you’re familiar with the Pokemon series, you know that general rules tend to hold true regarding what Type of Pokemon does well against another – there might be a few exceptions but it’s quite reliable. Thus despite its overall simplicity, the Pokemon series has a very logic-based depth to it, in that every type has its own set of weaknesses and strengths.

This means that in a simpler game of the series, such as Pokemon Go, where you sometimes even know what Pokemon you’ll be fighting in advance and with Pokemon having fewer potential moves they can use, you can often make a determination as to what type will be the best counter option in battle before it starts.

In the case of battling a Psychic/Flying dual-type like Lugia, you have quite a few counter options you can choose from, as well as a few types to avoid entirely.

Lugia in Pokemon Generations, used forPokemon Go Weakness
Credit: Bulbapedia, The Pokemon Company

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Lugia will have some level of resistance against Grass and Psychic-type attacks, and very strong resistance against Fighting and Ground-types. Lugia does however also possess a weakness to quite a few types in Pokemon go; Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice and Rock-types.

Lugia weakness in Pokemon Go

That gives us quite a few options to use against it, but which of those is the best if they all do the same damage rate?

Well, we can look into what attacks Lugia has and see which types have the best matchup into as many of those moves as possible. For Fast Attacks, Lugia uses Dragon Tail and Extrasensory – Dragon and Psychic, respectively. As fast attacks will hit you constantly, finding a counter to these is particularly useful. As it happens, all of the counter-types are already taking at most standard damage from these attacks, however, so we don’t need to worry much in this case.

It should be noted that Dark-Types have the advantage of completely negating the Psychic-type attacks from Lugia in Pokemon Go with immunity.

For Charged Attacks, Lugia uses more Psychic, a Water-type attack and two Flying-type moves. Ice and Ghost gain no particular advantage against any of these attack types, so should likely be avoided if you can use another Lugia counter instead. Rock and Electric-types fare well by resisting both Flying-type moves, though Dark-type is likely your best as it instead ignores a third of Lugia’s possible attacks.

Lugia in the Pokemon Anime
Credit: Bulbapedia, The Pokemon Company

Lugia weakness and counters Summary

With all of the above in mind, Dark-types being completely immune to a third of Lugias attacks gives it the edge here, with Rock and Electric-types taking joint second place with resistance to Flying-type attacks.

Is there anything else to know?

It should be noted you can still use the other counter-types, it’s just the ones listed above are your best bet if you want every advantage you can get.

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