Pokemon Go: How to defeat Kirlia, weakness and counters

Kirlia in the Pokemon anime

Kirlia is a Psychic/Fairy type currently available in Pokemon Go 3* raids, but do you know the weakness and counters of the emotion Pokemon?

It is perhaps most well known for being capable of evolving into Gardevoir or Gallade, but has the potential to be quite strong in PvP alone due to its varied move options.

What counters Kirlia in Pokemon Go?

If you’re familiar with the Pokemon series, you’ll know by now that certain types have either (or both) of a damage advantage or incoming damage reduction in certain matchups, known as super effective and not very effective respectively. Kirlia is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon, which gives it big advantages in more than a few matchups.

Fortunately, Kirlia also comes with its share of counters and a weakness or two, which is what this Pokemon Go article will be focused on.

We don’t have a clear winner right away for outright damage dealt, but we do have options to pick from. Kirlia is weak to Ghost, Poison and Steel-Type attacks. With that said, do not use Fighting-type or Dragon-type attacks at all, unless you want a far more challenging fight, as both are doubly resisted.

Kirlia in the Pokemon anime
Credit: Bulbapedia, the Pokemon Company

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Of course, we’ll also take a look to see what moves Kirlia has, and use those to determine whether or not one of those types will stand alone as the obvious weakness and counter choice to Kirlia in Pokemon Go.

Kirlia uses moves from both of its types frequently, with two Fairy-type and two Psychic-type attacks – don’t think its gonna be simple based on that though, because it’ll also happily mix in an Electric-type or Ghost-type move. As Poison is weak to those Psychic attacks and Ghost-types simply cannot handle their own moves, we’re left with a winner in Steel-type Pokemon as the safest counter choice.

Kirlia Pokemon type weakness

While Ghost and Poison-types are solid options here, Steel-type Pokemon are by far the most reliable counter choice against Kirlia. They’ll resist the majority of Kirlias attacks while also dealing super-effective damage, making them a clear winner. If you don’t have any of these, at the very least avoid Fighting-type Pokemon or you’ll be pummeled.

Anything else to mention?

That’s really it for the weakness and counters of Kirlia in Pokemon Go. In short, stick with Steel, use Ghost or Poison if that’s not an option – and do not use Fighting-types.

With our answer found, that’s everything for this quick Kirlia counters guide for Pokemon Go, hopefully you found this useful whether you use it for battles, raids or even PvP – If you’d like more stories, articles and guides for Pokemon Go, you can find them right here on The Click, and if you’d instead like to see more by me specifically, a list of my articles is available here.