Pokemon Go: How to defeat Azelf, weakness & counters

azelf in the Pokemon anime

Azelf, the Willpower Pokemon, has been making appearances in 5* Pokemon Go raids, but do you know the counters and weakness of this Myth?

This shorthand guide is designed to help you defeat Azelf in raids to allow you to capture one for yourself, as is part of a set alongside guides for Uxie and Mesprit.

What counters Azelf in Pokemon Go?

When you’re familiar with the Pokemon series, you know that general rules tend to hold true regarding what Type of Pokemon does well against another – there might be a few exceptions but it’s quite reliable. Thus despite its overall simplicity, the Pokemon series has a very logic-based depth to it, in that every type has its own set of weaknesses and strengths.

This means that in a simpler game of the series, such as Pokemon Go, where you sometimes even know what Pokemon you’ll be fighting in advance and with Pokemon having fewer potential moves they can use, you can often make a determination as to what type will be the best counter option in battle before it starts.

In the case of battling a pure Psychic-Type like Azelf, being familiar with the series would likely mean you know to avoid some types such as Fighting, and prioritise using types such as Dark or Bug. But which of those is the best here?

azelf in the Pokemon anime
Credit: Bulbapedia, The Pokemon Company

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Azelf will have some level of resistance against Fighting and Psychic types, so we know to avoid those right away. But Bug, Dark and Ghost types all deal the same amount of super-effective damage due to weakness in Pokemon Go, so which is the best against Azelf?

Azelf weakness in Pokemon Go

So now that we know these types will all deal the same damage, or at least have the same damage modifier, which makes the best counter to Azelf? Well, let’s take a look through what Azelf can do and see if a winner emerges based on that.

Like the other Lake spirits, Azelf will use 3 different Psychic attacks alongside the normal-type Swift – making it extremely ill-equipped to deal with a Dark-type Pokemon, due to its Psychic-type immunity. Azelf does also use Fire-blast, but ultimately it makes no difference in swinging the best type to exploit its weakness, Dark-type is the clear winner due to the immunity against Psychic attacks in Pokemon Go.

In fact, the only difference Fire-blast makes here is that Azelf is stronger against Bug-types than the other two of the Lake trio, but ultimately Dark-type makes for a better counter matchup into Azelf anyway, so this isn’t really a concern.

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Is there anything else to be aware of?

Nope, that’s pretty much it. Dark-type Pokemon come out as the clear winner for the counter matchup against Azelf in Pokemon Go given that being immune to Psychic-type ultimately negates most of a Lake Guardians possible moves.

The only other thing to really be aware of is that Bug-types are probably an easy 3rd place among the weaknesses you can use against Azelf in particular, as Fire-blast head-on will really devastate them.

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