Pokemon Go: How to defeat Alolan Raichu, counters and weakness

Alolan Raichu in the Pokemon anime

Alolan Raichu is an Electric/Psychic Dual-type variant of the Pokemon Gen 1 Raichu, but do you know the counters and weakness of this form?

This regional spin of the evolved form of the classic Electric-type mouse Pokemon Pikachu, actually ends up with worse battle matchups and counters than the typical Raichu that series veterans will be more familiar with, never-the-less, let’s get on to discussing those matchups and counters, shall we?

What counters Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Go?

If you’re familiar with the Pokemon Series, you’re probably aware by now that certain type matchups interact in ways that will influence how much damage you take and can deal in battle, with attacks against a type weakness known as “super effective!” for example. Alolan Raichu is an Electric/Psychic dual-type Pokemon, which gives it a fair number of favourable matchups, and a few that are less favourable, known as counter matchups.

Due to this typing, Alolan Raichu is resistant to 5 different types, including its own two types alongside Fighting, Flying and Steel-type attacks. It does also grant it more weaknesses than the typical Raichu form however, with a type weakness against Bug, Dark, Ghost and Ground-type attacks.

All of these types will deal 160% of their base damage against Alolan Raichu, giving us a nice set of options. But say we have access to all of these, which is the best to use?

Alolan Raichu in the Pokemon anime
Credit: Bulbapedia, The Pokemon Company

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Let’s take a look through what Alolan Raichu can do and see if we can find some answers to that, shall we?

In battles in Pokemon Go, Alolan Raichu can use 4 different fast attacks and 5 different charged attacks. For fast attacks, 3 of them are Electric-Type moves, while the 4th is a Fairy-type attack. Charged attacks are a similar story, with another 3 Electric-type attacks combined with the normal-type Skull bash and the fighting-type Brick Break.

So what use is that information? I mean we knew most of it would probably be Electric-type due to it being Raichu, an electric-type, right? Well, partly yes, but it also tells us what other things Alolan Raichu can use against our counters – for example, Dark-types seem like a great idea at first, but with Brick Break being a move available to it, you might end up getting KO’d by a charged attack.

Alolan Raichu Pokemon Type Weakness

So with everything in mind, what comes out on top? Probably Ground-type Pokemon, you see all of Dark, Ghost and Bug don’t actually resist Electric-type moves, which dominate Alolan Raichu’s possible attacks, while Ground-types are immune. Dark-types, in particular, are probably the worst bet here, as they have no advantages beyond their damage increase, Bug and Ghost-types would both perform better.

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Anything else to mention?

That’s really it for the weakness and counters of Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Go. To summarise, Ground-types dominate for this one and should be your first choice, while Bug and Ghost-types vie closely for second place.

Dark-types should be your last resort pick for a super-effective Pokemon in this battle, as it can be countered by an Alolan Raichu making use of Brick Break.

With that answer now found, that’s everything for this quick Alolan Raichu counters guide for Pokemon Go, hopefully you found this useful whether you wanted the information about its weakness for battles, raids or even PvP.

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