Pokemon Go: Every missing Mega evolution in 2021

Mega Garchomp in the Pokemon Anime

This Pokemon Go article is a list of all the Pokemon who are missing their mega evolutions in-game, despite having one in the series.

This article is going to exclusively focus on the Mega evolutions from the series that have absolutely nothing present in Pokemon Go at the time of writing, no assets, no raids, no visuals, nothing.

All of the Mega Evolutions missing from Pokemon Go

Missing Mega Evolutions

If you’re wondering about the disclaimer in the intro, that’s because we previously covered all of the finished but unreleased mega evolutions in Pokemon Go games files here, so there’s little point retreading that ground again.

While all of the following Mega Pokemon do exist in other official Pokemon media, there are no signs of them currently in the Pokemon Go game files, unlike the ones featured in the article linked above.

Note that mentions of combat points listed below do not include best buddy bonuses for the purpose of simplicity.

Mega Steelix

Mega Steelix in the Pokemon Anime
The final form of Steelix in the Pokemon Anime,
Credit: Bulbapedia

The evolved form of Onix, Steelix, is in a bit of a rough way right now in Pokemon Go – at it’s absolute peak it comes to a CP total of 2,729, and without using XL candy that’s at an even lower 2,414 maximum CP – if any Pokemon on this list needs a Mega Evolution sooner rather than later, it might be this iron snake Pokemon.

Mega Scizor

Mega Scizor in the Pokemon anime
Scyther gets a second upgrade to become M. Scizor in the Pokemon anime,
Credit: Bulbapedia

Scyther and to a lesser extent Scizor have typically been fan favourites throughout the Pokemon series, but Scizor is in a pretty good state in Pokemon Go, with a base CP maximum at 3,001 even better considering XL candy.

A mega evolved Scizor would likely be hitting in the top end of the games CP ratings, spiking into the high 3k if not the very upper reaches of the game at 4k CP.

Mega Heracross

Mega Heracross in the Pokemon anime
Credit: Bulbapedia

For a single form Pokemon, Heracross is already a very powerful Bug to begin with. A Mega evolution here might be a tad overpowered in the same vein as Scizor – but at the same time, if the evolution is too weak it could easily be disappointing.

Mega Tyranitar

Tyranitar is among some of the strongest Pokemon featured in Pokemon go, standing at an absolute maximum CP at 4,335 – this Rock/Dark type could quickly become a contender for the throne of the strongest Pokemon in Go with a Mega evolution under its belt.

Mega Swampert

Mega Swampert in the Pokemon Anime
Mega Swampert, like other Gen 3 starter mega forms, is missing from Pokemon Go
Credit: Bulbapedia

Swampert does the best out of the Gen III starters in CP terms, so any Mega evolution would likely be a tad weaker than the rest to compensate – but I think it’d be nice to see Mudkips final form rocking around the game either way.

Mega Blaziken

Mega Blaziken,
Mega Blaziken, like other Gen 3 starter mega forms, is missing from Pokemon Go
Credit: Bulbapedia

Blaziken lands a bit over a hundred base maximum CP below Swampert, but still fares better than our next entry.

Mega Sceptile

Mega Sceptile
Mega Sceptile, like other Gen 3 starter mega forms, is missing from Pokemon Go
Credit: Bulbapedia

Sceptile handled the transition to Pokemon Go the worst of this trio, with only 2,757 maximum base CP – over 200 points lower than Swampert. Whenever these Mega evolutions do happen in Pokemon Go, we can hope that Sceptile gets enough of a boost to pick itself back up.

Mega Gardevoir

Dianthas Gardevoir
Credit: Bulbapedia

Mega Gardevoir, and it’s partner Pokemon Mega Gallade are highly likely to be popular entries in Pokemon Go when they do arrive, but they’re currently both stuck in the missing Megas category, with no game assets to point to.

Still, they’ll likely both be strong additions whenever they do arrive.

Mega Gallade

Mega Gallade
Credit: Bulbapedia

Ditto above.

I wonder what Mega Ditto would be like…

Mega Aggron

M. evolved Aggron
Aggrons final form in the Pokemon Anime,
Credit: Bulbapedia

Aggron is one of the Pokemon who looks and sounds like they are stronger than the game actually potrays them – coming in at a max base of just 3k, it doesn’t manage to compare favourably to the likes of Tyranitar, but here’s hoping a well deserved Mega evolution will close that gap.

Mega Medicham

M. Medicham
Evolved Medicham in the Pokemon Anime,
Credit: Bulbapedia

If Mega Steelix hadn’t already been mentioned as one of the most in need of a Mega evolution, that dubious honour probably would have landed here. Medicham manages a base maximum CP of only 1431.

Of course, if Mega-Medicham was around and particularly powerful, it might potentially damage the limelight of Mega Mewtwo X due to its shared Fighting/Psychic typing, so it’s possible that there’s a reason this particular mega is missing from Pokemon Go.

Mega Camerupt

M. evolved Camerupt
Mega Camerupt is another absent mega entry for Pokemon Go,
Credit: Bulbapedia

Camerupt has a lot of favourable matchups in Pokemon Go, with resistances to 6 seperate types and only two weaknesses – this Mega might just be missing to avoid the disruption such a versatile Mega form could pose in many fights.

Mega Absol

Mega Evolved Absol in the Pokemon Anime
Mega Evolved Absol in the Pokemon Anime,
Credit: Bulbapedia

Absol is a curious case. It has a lot of recongition, a fair bit of popularity, and its CP falls in the middle range of the two thousands, so why this particular Mega form is missing likely comes down to prioritising others in it’s place – I would be surprised if Absol wasn’t one of the first to depart this list however.

Mega Glalie

M. Evolved Glalie in the Pokemon Anime
M. Evolved Glalie in the Pokemon Anime, shown above, is absent from Pokemon Go
Credit: Bulbapedia

Glalie could likely do with the Mega evolution boost, being a pure Ice-type with a combat score in the lower end of the 2K area, it’d be a well deserved pick-me-up.

Mega Salamence

M Salamence of the Pokemon Anime
Mega evolved Salamence from the Pokemon Anime,
Credit: Bulbapedia

Much like Tyranitar, though not quite to the same extent, we could expect Mega Salamence to be pushing into the upper regions of the games tier lists if it were to ever leave the Missing mega list.

Mega Metagross

M. Metagross in the Pokemon Anime
Mega evolved Metagross, shown here in the Pokemon Anime, is missing from Pokemon Go
Credit: Bulbapedia

Metagross is another case of a powerful Pokemon that’d be a top contender were its Mega form ever to be unleashed into the wilds of Pokemon Go.

Mega Latias

M-Latias in the Pokemon Anime
Credit: Bulbapedia

Latias, much like Latios, would become another top tier pick with its versatile Dragon/Psychic typing and high CP only becoming stronger if it were to ever leave the missing Megas list.

Mega Latios

M-Latios in the Pokemon Anime
Credit: Bulbapedia

Ditto the above again.

Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp in the Pokemon Anime
Mega Garchomp, again shown here in the Pokemon Anime, isn’t present in Pokemon Go
Credit: Bulbapedia

Garchomp would be the most likely candidate to contest Tyranitar at the very top end of the game’s power levels if unleashed as a Mega form – while Salamence and Metagross might be close, Garchomp is still within a few hundred points as opposed to around 600 points difference.

And after the Gible community day earlier in 2021, we’re pretty sure that news of a Mega Garchomp would be a popular announcement.

Mega Lucario

Mega Lucario in the Pokemon Anime
Mega Lucario shown in the Pokemon Anime, is missing from Pokemon Go
Credit: Bulbapedia

Lucario is another fan favourite Pokemon, and with a CP score at just below 3k its quite comparable to most of the final evolutions of starter Pokemon in power.

It’s surprising that Lucario is still on this missing Mega evolutions list for Pokemon Go at all, given the seeming lack of balance concerns on such a popular Pokemon. Make sure not to forget this one Niantic.

Mega Audino

Mega Audino in the Pokemon Anime
Credit: Bulbapedia

Mega Audino would need to have a huge combat boost to make this cutesy Normal-Type combat viable in the higher levels, so it might end up quite unlikely this Mega Evolution would generate much excitement were it ever to leave this list of missing Megas in Pokemon Go.

In any case, that should be all of them – of course, if you notice some that are missing from this list that you know aren’t in Pokemon Go, you might want to go check out the other list here, that features the Pokemon Go Megas who are simply unreleased but have assets made for them.

The key difference is those ones are already prepared to be released to the players at any time, while these Mega evolutions simply have simply not been made to be added to the game, in any way shape or form.

Is there anything else to be aware of?

Not particularly, there’s plenty about each Pokemon and what its Mega form can do, of course, but that’d be far outside the scope of this piece, as the goal was to simply provide a list of what is currently missing from Pokemon Go.

Now that we’ve covered every Mega Evolution from the Pokemon series that’s missing in Pokemon Go, for those interested in more you can find further Pokemon Go articles, stories, and guides on The Click right here, and more pieces written by me personally here.

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