Pokemon Go Abra Spotlight hour: Is Shiny Abra available?

Abra in the Pokemon Anime

It’s time for yet another Pokemon Go spotlight hour, and this time the spotlight has been put on the Psi Pokemon Abra.

If you’ve been playing since generation 1 or are simply a fan of Psychic-types, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Abra already, and this spotlight hour provides an excellent chance to capture an Abra for yourself that they can’t just teleport away from.

When is the spotlight hour?

The spotlight hour for Abra in Pokemon Go is on the 8th of June. As per usual the hour itself will start on 6 PM local time, and end an hour later at 7 PM local time.

Being local time, you don’t need to worry about time zones as it’ll be based on the time for your location rather than a specific timezone for the entire world.

The Pokemon Abra
The Pokemon Abra, Credit: Bulbapedia

What can we expect from the Pokemon Go Abra Spotlight Hour?

As usual, Spotlight hours are fairly simple events in Pokemon Go. This one featuring Abra is no different – you get an hour of a whole lot of Abra and not much, if anything, else. If you’re a fan of Abra, or just needed to get one for any reason, this is great.

It’s also worth noting that Spotlight hours come with bonus effects, and this one features doubled catch candy, meaning that every Abra you catch will net you 6 rather than 3 candy.

This event bonus makes this even more of an Abra-fans style event, because while doubled candy for a Pokemon you like is incredible, if you’re not a fan of Abra this event is offering you nothing except the the basic capture reward of Stardust.

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Is there anything else?

The only other thing to consider is that Spotlight hours make excellent chances to farm for a Shiny Pokemon due to the volume of a single type of Pokemon available. There is no shiny-chance boost during these events, but with Abra being Shiny enabled, you simply need to get lucky with one of the encounters.

Shiny Abra is shown below for anyone who is considering dedicating some time to the event.

Shiny Abra in Pokemon Go
Shiny Abra in Pokemon Go,
Credit: PokemonGo Fandom wiki

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The difference is quite minimal for Abra, it mostly just seems slightly more pale. However at later stages of the evolution family, the brownish plates on the body become a pink tone that might not be for everyone.

With that said, it’ll be your decision if you try to hunt down a shiny Abra during this event. Good luck Trainers!

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