Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems – EXCITING DETAILS REVEALED!

Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems

It’s finally here as we leave Season 10 Rising Heroes, Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems has been announced.

Niantic has released the official theme for what’s to come in Pokemon Go with a new trailer, and wow are we excited here at The Click. And now only that, but a new Pokemon is set to be making it’s way to the Pokedex, and a whole host of events have already been announced!

Let’s take a look below at what we know so far.

Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems – When does it begin?

Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems
Credit: Niantic

We can confirm that Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems is set to begin on Thursday 1st June 2023 and will end on September 1st 2023, giving players 3 whole jam-packed months of challenges, and new Pokemon to encounter!

The Trailer

As far as trailers go, this one is pretty cool!

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Revealing new Pokemon, as well as some of our favorites – and of course, Hidden Gems will be host to Go Fest 2023 too!

There is certainly alot in store for trainers this Season:

Credit: Youtube

Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems – Debuts!

Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems
Credit: Niantic

There are several Pokemon due to make their Pokemon Go Debuts this season, including Sandygast, Palossand, and Carbink.

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Sandygast and Palossand

Pokemon Go Season 11 Hidden Gems
Credit: Niantic

Both Sandygast, the Sand Heap Pokemon, and Palossand, the Sand Castle Pokemon, are due to debut during Water Festival: Beach Week. Originally discovered in the Alola region from Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Ground- and Ghost-type Pokémon are known to possess people and set curses, yikes!


Carbink, the Jewel Pokemon, will also make its Pokemon GO debut, but where will Carbink first appear? We can’t wait to find out..

Shadow Pokemon Debut

Continuining with the new Shadow Raids, Shadow Articuno will be available to battle in Five-Star Shadow Raids! ANd not only that, for the first time, Articuno will also be available as a Shiny Pokemon!


As with all Seasons, the following bonuses will be in play throughout:

  • One additional Special Trade per day
  • One additional Pokemon Candy when trading Pokemon
  • Trainers level 31 and above will receive one guaranteed Candy XL when trading Pokemon

Pokemon Go is available to download now on Apple and Android Mobile devices

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