Is there a Shiny Diglett in Pokemon Go 2023?

Shiny Diglett Pokemon Go

We all love a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and when you click on the Pokemon, seeing the font change to yellow and those stars appearing is really quite exciting. But is there a Shiny Diglett in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Pokemon have a very high chance of not escaping those Pokeballs, and with the addition of a Shiny Pokedex section within the game, it’s worth clicking on every Pokemon just to see if they will change to a Shiny variant.

But, the question this time… Is there a Diglett available as a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Let’s find out!

Is Shiny Diglett available?

Credit: The Pokemon Company

Diglett is a ground-type Pokemon that was added in Generation 1, and it hails from the Kanto region, evolving into Dugtrio.

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Now we all know that Shiny Pokemon don’t appear on the map, so the only way to find one is to click on it to capture one.

But we can confirm, drum roll please, that yes, Shiny Diglett is available in Pokemon Go, and we simply love it!

Shiny Diglett Pokemon go
Credit: Niantic

With subtle changes to it’s appearance, Shiny Diglett will appear with a purple nose, with the Alolan version of Diglett appearing as a darker shade of brown and a blue nose, a great way to distinguish between the two variants.

And as one of the first available Pokemon, we think Diglett is a pretty speacial addition to your Shiny Pokedex.

Who’s your favorite Shiny Pokemon? Are there any you can’t wait to see released yet? Be sure to let us know here at The Click!

Pokemon Go is available to download now on Apple and Android Mobile devices

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