When will Bravely Third release?

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Well, it’s been half a decade since the legendary Bravely Second end screen, where Ringabel proudly proclaimed going to any lengths or number of words to be with Edea in Bravely Third. While nowhere near as obvious as the lead-in to Bravely Second, there was tons of foreshadowing about a Bravely Third release.

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We expected Bravely Third shortly after Second, but Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default II came and went with no word on an official continuation of the story. Unfortunately, my conclusion generally remains that Bravely Third is a mystery, and current evidence seems to be that the game is generally in the theoretical stages right now.

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The one silver lining that has stayed true for years is the existence of multiple developer comments which have pointed to many ideas on paper for Bravely Third, and that enough support can make it a reality. Even as late as 2020, it has been shown that series producer Tomoya Asano has story concepts floating about. As was stated in the interview, the game could be realized in a multitude of ways from a traditional console/handheld game to a mobile app.

One problem exists here, though, and it’s a relatively new one. Just last month, in a Famitsu interview dealing with the success of Bravely Default II, Asano commented that the next game could easily be 3-4 years away. The tone of the interview also seems to be that the success of Default II will be what moves the series forward, likely with more spiritual successor games rather than direct sequels.

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Regardless, the success of the Bravely series is great to see, and whether it be another spin-off, Default III, or a Bravely Third release, the next few years look like a relative content drought.

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