Marvel’s Avengers Hawkeye War Table: Everything We Know

Last Updated on: 26th June 2022, 03:55 am

Square Enix’s next War Table for Marvel’s Avengers is all about Hawkeye and here’s everything we know about what is coming…

It’s been a tough road for Crystal Dynamics and their Avengers game with Square Enix.

It was met with disappointment from a lot of fans on launch and it’s player count dropped dangerously low for a title so reliant on an active player base.

That being said, the addition of Kate Bishop was a step in the right direction and tomorrow could mark the first real step in the rebirth of Marvel’s Avengers.

With an IP so strong and a stellar cast, the game has enough going for it to make a turn-around and become one of the best GAAS titles out there. I mean, look at Destiny 2, right?

Below, we’ve got everything you need to know about the latest Crystal Dynamics War Table presentation for Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect.

Hawkeye is Ronin-Inspired

In an effort to give Hawkeye a different playstyle to Kate Bishop, Crystal Dynamics have looked to his Ronin period for inspiration when developing his move set.

He is a powerful melee and ranged hero. Clint’s Quickdraw Reflexes allows him to dodge and parry with ease. His Dead Eye Skill mean he can hit hard against a single opponent.

He also has TEN DIFFERENT ARROW TYPES. If everything else wasn’t enough reason to get you excited, this might be.

Credit: Crystal Dynamics.

He has a Grapple Arrow, Boomerang Arrow, Implosion Arrows, Tripwire Arrows, Rocket Arrows, Pulsar Arrows, Nightstorm Arrows, Recovery Arrows and the Ultimte Ability Hunter’s Arrow.

Plenty of options then, eh?

Bruce Banner IS Maestro

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that the Supreme Leader Maestro players will face in Future Imperfect is the same Bruce Banner that features in the Reassemble Campaign.

Driven mad by the sheer scale of destruction brought upon the world by the Kree Invasion, Hulk has spent decades growing stronger and more hate-filled in The Wasteland.

Now, after killing every other hero and villain in the world, he lords over The Wastelands.

The Avengers have to muster all their strength to overcome this foe if they’re to find out the truth behind Nick Fury’s disappearance and a way out of the true mess they’re in.

Future Imperfect First Look Gameplay

The War Table has been uploaded and we have our first look at what’s coming in Crystal Dynamics’ newest content expansion.

All the footage above was captured on a PlayStation 5 too, offering us an exciting look at what’s in store on next-gen consoles!

Future Imperfect isn’t too far away!

We’ve got Clint Barton, Maestro, and The Wastelands. Not a bad combination for an exciting War Table if you ask us.

But the question still remains, what is going to happen in Future Imperfect?

For starters, Maestro could very-well be the toughest opponent the Avengers have faced so far if they all decide to join Clint in his timeline-hopping escapades into the future.

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Maestro is the ultimate Hulk. He is the lone survivor of a nuclear apocalypse and a Kree Invasion and rules over Dystopia with an Iron Fist.

Avengers Hawkeye War Table
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

It’s hard to imagine how one guy with a headache and a bow can change anything, but we know if anyone can it’s Clint Barton.

New Character: Hawkeye

Future Imperfect is the continuation of Marvel’s Avengers’ previous story addition, Kate Bishop – Taking Aim, and will add the other Hawkeye into the mix!

Fans have been long-awaiting information about Clint Barton and his appearance in Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers roster and it’s finally here.

Although we haven’t seen too much of how he plays, we’re expecting it to be somewhat similar to how Kate Bishop plays with some key ability differences.

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Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are boasting a different playstyle for each Avenger and so far, they’re living up to their promise.

Future Imperfect

This is the narrative update coming to Marvel’s Avengers and it looks to be the biggest content addition to date!

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Below, we have the story synopsis from Crystal Dynamics on what to expect from the next chapter:

After the A-Day disaster, Clint Barton and his mentee, Kate Bishop, were left on their own, deciding to search for the missing Nick Fury, and, in doing so, stumbled upon AIM’s secret Tachyon Project, resulting in Clint’s capture. Though Kate brought him back to the Avengers, peril doesn’t leave him; he falls into a coma, witnessing a future vision that leaves him confused and defeated when he finally wakes. Armed with his bow, sword, and knowledge of the grim events to come, it’s up to Hawkeye to stop the end of the world.

With there being hints of a Kree Invasion, could we see the Earth become a post-apocalyptic battle ground in this next installment?

Avengers Hawkeye War Table Maestro Clint Barton
The question is… What does Maestro have to do with this? / Credit: Crystal Dynamics

Either way, the addition of a new Enemy Type is a much-needed refresher for the otherwise dangerously-stale combat encounters Marvel’s Avengers currently offers.

Next-Gen Release Information

Alongside this, it has been confirmed that we’re getting some information regarding the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of Marvel’s Avengers in this upcoming Hawkeye War Table.

Although the actual information is currently unknown, numerous leaks have suggested that Square Enix could announce a “surprise drop” for the next-gen update of these games.

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Avengers Hawkeye War Table Destroyed City Clint Barton
Is Future Imperfect bringing about the end of the world? / Credit: Crystal Dynamics

Although this would be insane and a great surprise, chances are, people are jumping the gun a little bit…

That being said… The PS5 Trophies have been leaked already so… It is possible.

Everything Else

In addition to all this, we can imagine that we’ll be seeing a few new Raids added to Marvel’s Avengers and some new gear to keep things fresh.

Keep your eyes on the Avengers Twitter account and here for the latest!

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