FFXIV Reaper: All We Know

FFXIV Reaper stance

Last Updated on: 15th May 2021, 08:00 pm

Yesterday we were given a ton of details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion: Endwalker, during the Digital Fanfest event. The most notable of all the information, for a lot of people anyway, was the reveal of the new job being added to FFXIV: Reaper. It will be accessible in Ul’dah and will come at level 70.

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Amusingly, the article I wrote about the new DPS job a month or two back seems to have held pretty relevant, actually. In fact, if you check back, I predicted the exact name of the job in that article.

FFXIV Reaper speculation
Credit: Me, because apparently I’m a god gamer

Jokes aside, though, we did get a good amount of information about the class. As predicted by much of the fanbase, the FFXIV Reaper is a scythe wielding class. Even if not a Necromancer by name, the Reaper does summon a Voidsent to fight with it, so that may as well be the same thing for fans of the archetype.

Credit: Square Enix

The class, as told to us before, is a Melee DPS job, and as such will be up close and personal with the enemies and slice and dice them down with their Voidsent companion. This is also me (and apparently 99% of the playerbase) talking, but holy moly this class is just… so goddamn cool… I want it. I want it REALLY BAD.

We know that the class will use Maiming gear, shared with the Dragoon class already in the game. On one hand, this helps with being able to gear two classes at once, but also finally gives Dragoon competition when rolling for gear, which will no doubt be a bummer for some.

Yoshi P Reaper
Credit: Yoshi-P himself

As for how the class will function? Well, that’s a lot more in the dark right now. The video seems to imply that at a point within its rotation, the Voidsent will fuse with the Reaper to deal even more damage, likely acting as a burst heavy class in regards to its damage dealing.

We can also assume the class will have less raid utility than say, Dragoon or Ninja, but more than Samurai, which has cemented itself as the king of completely selfish DPS classes. Perhaps Reaper will have a Direct Hit buff or an overall damage buff for the team.

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As of now though, that’s really all we know about the FFXIV Reaper. Stay tuned for more information!