Breath Of The Wild 2: Release Date Leaked, News, Trailer, DLC, Nintendo Switch & More


The Legend of Zelda has never been more popular! Nintendo’s Breath Of The Wild is perhaps the best entry in the series and elevated it to another level thanks to the power of the Nintendo Switch Console. Breath Of The Wild was bigger and better than any Zelda game before it. As you might imagine, it’s left a lot of people wanting more in the form of a sequel… Enter Breath Of The Wild 2. A newly-leaked release date might suggest it is on the way sooner than we all think!

This sequel was announced during Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation, but there’s not been a whole lot more information since then. That being said, with the Zelda Franchise’s 35th Anniversary coming up in 2021…

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Here’s everything we know so far about the Breath Of The Wild sequel.

Latest Information

According to Austrian retailer Gameware, as spotted by Twitter user @So_Ethereal, Breath of the Wild 2 could be coming in 2021 Q2.

This is unconfirmed by Nintendo and many think it may be a bit too soon. However, it isn’t outside the realms of possibility.

Breath Of The Wild 2 Trailer

During E3 2019, Nintendo shared a first-look announcement trailer for Breath Of The Wild 2. You can check it out below:

What makes this trailer unique is the audio used. From the start, it sounds as if it is in reverse. This could hint at the possibility of “time manipulation” in Breath Of The Wild 2, however nothing has been confirmed.

Below, Youtuber ProsafiaGaming has reversed the trailer in an effort to uncover any secrets it might hold. You can check that out below:

Breath Of The Wild 2 Release Date

There is currently no official release date information regarding Breath Of The Wild 2. This means it could be coming anywhere between now and the summer.

That being said, rumours are circulating that Nintendo are working on a “Switch Pro” console which could release with Breath Of The Wild 2 as a launch title. However, there is no official news on this and the COVID-19 Pandemic would have undoubtedly impacted any pre-Pandemic production timelines.

The 35th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda is February 21, 2021. Although this is most-likely not going to be a surprise launch, we could get more information regarding a release date then.

Prominent Leaker, Emily Rogers, has also suggested that the game will release in the later parts of 2021. This coincides with the rumours on the Nintendo Switch Pro console.


As a Nintendo-Exclusive Franchise, Breath Of The Wild 2 will only be releasing on Nintendo Switch consoles.


Due to there not being an official release date, pre-order options are limited. There are no official channels to pre-order from, however some retailers are offing this service.

Alternatively, official pre-order channels will open when a release date is given.

News & Rumours

From what we see in the Reveal Trailer for Breath Of The Wild 2, many fans are speculating Ganondorf’s return to the series as the primary antagonist.

Breath Of The Wild 2
Could Ganondorf be coming back? / Credit: Nintendo

A number of job listings post-announcement have suggested Nintendo are looking for people to design dungeons and hidden boss encounters for the sequel. This coincides with the speculation that Breath Of The Wild 2 will be a darker experience overall and add depth to the existing Hyrule by increasing the density of POI and dungeons.

Zelda’s appearance in the trailer is also fuelling rumours that she will become a playable character alongside Link, whether by swapping or in co-op. This is a long-awaited feature fans have been hungry for, however there is no confirmation.

Breath Of The Wild 2
Credit: Nintendo

DLC Content From Breath Of The Wild

Eiji Aonuma, Zelda Series Producer, was asked about DLC content for Breath of The Wild in a Kotaku interview. The quote below would suggest that Breath Of The Wild 2 will be returning to the same Hyrule. This also reinforces the rumours discussed by Tyler McVicker, who suggests the Breath Of The Wild sequel will expand on the existing Hyrule map in the same way the Red Dead Redemption sequel expanded on the original map.

“Initially we were thinking of just DLC ideas… But then we had a lot of ideas and we said, ‘This is too many ideas, let’s just make one new game and start from scratch.”

Eiji Aonuma, Zelda Series Producer

That’s everything we know about Breath Of The Wild 2 so far. Are you looking forward to it?

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