Twitch streamer Sommerset abandons stream due to tornado

LG Sommerset Twitch Streamer

They do say that when the cameras are rolling anything can happen, but that doesn’t often include being hit by a tornado, but that is exactly what happened to Sommerset, a popular Twitch streamer and member of the esports organization Luminosity.

While streaming the new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 update, LG Sommerset had to abandon her stream due to a tornado warning.

LG Sommerset Stream Tornado
Credit: Twitch/Sommerset

Parts of Texas in the United States currently have a tornado warning, with USA Today reporting that tornadoes have damaged mobile homes, schools, and animal shelters, while also downing trees.

Sommerset had to quickly abandon her stream mid-match and take shelter, later sending a message to her chat that “It is so dark outside”.

Eventually, she came back to her stream and explained to her viewers that the tornado isn’t currently near to her but there is a warning in place until 10 pm tonight.

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Popular YouTuber, The Dreamcast Guy, also mentioned on Twitter that he was trying to record a YouTube video but tornado sirens kept ruining his audio.

He also posted a video on Twitter showing it being dark outside while a loud siren could be heard in the background.

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If you live in the state of Texas in the area of tornados, please stay safe and seek shelter immediately.

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