Tower of Fantasy: Version 1.0.11 patch notes and duplicating Nemesis

Tower of Fantasy Frigg v1.0.11 Matrix

After the recent issues with Frigg and Frigg’s Matrix, Tower of Fantasy updates have fixed those bugs. Updates included a resolution to Balmung.

The updates completed in Tower of Fantasy today were focused on bug fixes. Some of the fixes include the following:

  • guaranteed number and actual number display issue for EN &TH in Frigg & Frigg’s Matrix special order
  • star grit logo in the “Path of Enlightenment” event
  • level and skill description missing and translation issue for the “Balmung” weapon
  • the issue where multiple matrix effects can be activated when switching “Molten Shield V2″(axe mode) to other weapons. But the effect icon issue remains to be fixed

The issue yet to be fixed is the “Molten Shield V2″(axe mode) effect icon issue.

The duplicating Nemesis bug

In terms of bugs related to the most recent addition to the list of Simulacrum, there are still many that need to be fixed. Another bug circulating the social media currently is a duplicating bug recently posted on Youtube. The video showed a player by the name of vroomwasbanned duplicating a Nemesis by letting another player hit the air while they are on a Joint Operation.

There has not been any information in Tower of Fantasy about the glitch players are abusing. However, it was confirmed that this was previously a concern in the Chinese server. The developers were able to catch on to it and were able to complete an update resolving the bug. To this day, there has not been any update done by Hotta Studio for the global version of the game.

There was no specific information provided in Tower of Fantasy that could tell us exactly how the bug was abused. However, it can be seen in the video that the player did switch weapons. Using a Molten Shield V2, the player was able to duplicate the Nemesis. You can also see the player asking a teammate to hit the air using Nemesis, which is likely how the bug was triggered.


Tower of Fantasy Molten Shield V2 v1.0.11
Credits: Hotta Studios, The Click

AFK farming to get the Maglev Stalker

Another concern of many players is how more experienced players are abusing the passive skill of Zero to farm the Maglev Stalker. This is the second vehicle component needed to unlock a new vehicle – The Chaser. To this day, there have not been any answers from Hotta Studios on how to resolve this matter.

AFK farming in the Rat’s Den: Squeaky by multiple players that use the Negative Cube has been reported by many players. It would require several players to make the farming successful. Some players are retaliating by staying in the same zone and standing guard for any AFK players that might be abusing the passive skill.

A possible solution to this is by either removing the passive skill of the weapon or nerfing the damage of the passive and adding a debuff or a status condition to the enemy instead. One thing that Hotta Studios did to resolve this is to lower the drop rate of the Maglev Stalker to a point where players would just be lucky to get it.


Tower of Fantasy How to get Maglev Stalker
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

Compensation for the maintenance

Before the update, maintenance needed to happen to the global server. The maintenance was scheduled on Sept. 6th, 2022, 06:00 (UTC+0), and lasted for about 2-3 hours.

After the maintenance, the players were able to get two compensations. The first was compensation for the maintenance itself and the second was for the bug fixed during the maintenance. Both compensations were for 300 Dark Crystals.

Make sure to check your inbox two hours after the update to make sure that you received them.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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