Tower of Fantasy: Vera Orienteering starts on September 26th

Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering

In preparation for the opening of the new Vera region, Tower of Fantasy is announcing the Vera Orienteering event. This gives players a quick look at Vera.

As part of the regular process of introducing new events to players, Tower of Fantasy will soon open the Vera Orienteering. This event will focus on raids and team gameplay to take down world bosses. There will be an increase in the rewards players get for slaying world bosses, including the chests that can be opened through the Type III chips.

The event will also usher a series of new items that can be used to redeem items in the shop. The limited-time event will be relevant to the new region as it will also include upcoming characters previously shown in the teaser of the Vera region.


Vera Orienteering: New items for the Journey Shop

The Vera Orienteering will involve the Wanderer going around the map to look for Warp Energy Cells. These can be obtained by completing event instances or successfully slaying world bosses. It will be especially challenging for solo players, since beating the world boss alone is not something that all players can manage. Even if you can do so, it would take far too much time compared to doing so as a team. Before the event, players are encouraged to join a crew, or find one in world chat for a possible world boss raid.

The Warp Energy Cells will be used to receive Proof of Contributions. For a player to exchange the Warp Energy Cells for Proof of Contributions, the player will need to access the event page. Currently, the event page is occupied by the Aida Café. Once the Aida Café event is officially closed, the new event will replace it.

Just like in the previous events, there will be a limited-time shop that will be opened where players can redeem items that can be used to upgrade the combat strength of their character. The new store is called the Journey Store. Rewards of the Journey Store include a red nucleus, energy crystal dust, an avatar frame, and a chat bubble that are both related to the event.


The upcoming event will be divided into three challenges: Entrusted Investigation, Cleaning Agreement, and Cleaner Contract.

  • Entrusted Investigation – The event’s first leg involves wandering through the world to look for scattered password chests and deciphering them. Players are strongly encouraged to stock on Type I, II, and III chips to make sure there will be enough once the event starts.
  • Cleaning Agreement – The second part of the event will require the player to complete a world boss raid. Be sure to keep an eye on the global chat for potential groups, or anyone in your crew that might be willing to include you in a world boss raid. Make sure to confirm the other wanderer’s channel to be able to play together.
  • Cleaner Contract – The final section will be a mini challenge that will still need the player to be part of a smaller team. This can be compared to when a player attempts a Joint Operation or a Frontier Clash. Once you enter the event, you can either manually look for a team that is recruiting for the same event or let the server automatically put you in the queue together with other players.

The Vera Orienteering will start on September 26 and will last until October 11 (EDT).

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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