Tower of Fantasy: A sneak peek of the land of Vera

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The land of Vera is a vast desert, home to a variety of monsters. Its core is a cyberpunk city under the jurisdiction of The Seventh District of Hykros.

A recent post from the official Tower of Fantasy Twitter account teased their players with a sneak peek of the lands of Vera. The post included a two-minute video giving us a glimpse of a possible new world boss dominating the land and a preview of new characters that will be introduced together with the new world.

It also teased players of the cyberpunk city of Mirroria. The city appears to be a pyramid-suspended midair with futuristic buildings and landmarks that are completely different from the land of Aesperia. If we base it on the Chinese version of the Tower of Fantasy, this is where the main story of the protagonist begins.


The land of Vera introduces new characters and a world boss

Tower of Fantasy Vera Lin
Credits: Tower of Fantasy

Lin – On the video, it showed a young lady holding a large fan as a weapon. If we base all the information on the Chinese version of the game, this is Lin. With her moves set, character design, and storyline already existing in the Chinese version of the game, she has been one of the most anticipated characters to come out soon in the global version.

Her weapon is called the Shadow Weaver. This unique weapon has made her more of a crowd favorite in both versions of the game. In the Chinese version, she is often used as a DPS in a team because of her Aberration element. She also boasts a strong AoE (area of effect) damage because of her exploding night blooms that will sprout around enemies.

ToTower of Fantasy Ruby Vera
Credits: Tower of Fantasy

Ruby – Another new character shown in the game is Ruby. Like Lin, she is also only currently available in the Chinese version of the game. She was shown using a robot-like doll as a weapon.

Ruby is a girl with a hood that has long bunny ears and a white cape that matches her outfit. In the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy, she is often used for long-term battles as one of the passive skills of her attacks is to a DOT (damage over time) by putting enemies on fire for a total of eight seconds. The name of her weapon is Sparky, and it is often used to engage enemies in mid-range battles especially when trying to maintain a safe distance from enemies.

Tower of Fantasy Vera Rudolph
Credits: Tower of Fantasy

Rudolph– This is the world boss of the land of Vera. Although not explicitly shown in the video, basing it on the Chinese version of the game, Rudolph is found lurking in the Vera region. The video gave us what appears to be the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon.

However, we know that this world boss can be found on the Artificial island, just near the Home System of the Wanderer. There is a possibility that the video may have been intended to be changed but was ultimately kept. This is because it was still able to show a majority of the idea behind the lands of Vera, including the new characters and locations for the update.


Below are the release dates of the SSR Simulacra that have already been released in the global version in contrast to the Chinese version. So far, it does not appear that the global version is following the same pattern as the Chinese version. Notice that in the Chinese version, Claudia was introduced first, while in the global version, she is the most recent Simulacrum in the limited-time event. This could mean that Hotta, the game developers of Tower of Fantasy is not planning to do the same for the rest of the Simulacra.

SimulacraChinese version
Release Date
Global version
Release Date
ClaudiaDec 22, 2021Sept 15, 2022
NemesisMar 5, 2022August 11, 2022
FriggMar 25, 2022Sept 1, 2022
RubyApr 25, 2022TBA
LinJul 9, 2022TBA

There are no specific details on when Tower of Fantasy is planning to release the Vera region of the game.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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