Tower of Fantasy Countdown: Release date, time, and platforms


After months since its global version closed beta, Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy is finally set for global release, and it won’t be long before we get to become “Wanderers” in the post-apocalyptic world of Aida.

The highly anticipated anime-style game has been compared to HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact a lot in terms of visuals. However, while the latter is mostly based on medieval times, the upcoming game is set in the future, giving it a sci-fi atmosphere similar to the the newly released Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

We know that you’re as excited as we are for Tower of Fantasy, so here’s everything that we know about its release.

When will Tower of Fantasy be released?

The game will be released on the following dates and times. Check out your region below:

US West Coast Thursday, August 11th at 12am PT 
US Central Coast Thursday, August 11th at 2am CT 
US East Coast Thursday, August 11th at 3am ET 
UK Thursday, August 11th at 8am BST 
Europe Thursday, August 11th at 9am CEST 
Japan Thursday, August 11th at 4pm JST 
Australia  Thursday, August 11th at 5pm AET 

You may also head over to the game’s official website for the countdown.

Tower of Fantasy Countdown
Credit: Hotta Studio

Which platforms can I play Tower of Fantasy on?

During the release date, the game will only be available for PC and mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

While the game won’t be coming to consoles by then, the developers previously mentioned a console version is in development. Although, we are not sure which console they are referring to.

Moreover, the game is set to launch on Steam and the Epic Games store. However, that will be later this year. When the game launches on August 11th, players on PC will have to use the game’s launcher from its official site.

Can I pre-register for Tower of Fantasy?

Yes, you can already pre-register for Tower of Fantasy. To do that, you can follow the pre-registration steps here.

By pre-registering, you can claim rewards 180 days after the game’s official release. You can also claim your preferred avatar by switching to different platforms.

Tower of Fantasy - Pre-registration reward
Credit: Hotta Studio

When can I preload Tower of Fantasy?

You can preload the game beginning August 9th.

Tower of Fantasy is an anime-style sci-fi shared open-world RPG from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite. Set hundreds of years in the future on the distant planet of Aida, players can experience fictional post-apocalyptic events, freeform character development, immersive objectives, and exciting combat.

Earth’s resources and energy have dwindled in this upcoming game, causing mankind to migrate to Aida. It is here where they discovered powerful energy called “Omnium” contained in a comet. Wanting to capture the comet, they built the Omnium Tower. However, due to its radiation, an unexpected catastrophe occurred.

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