Tower of Fantasy: How to pre-register

Tower of Fantasy Pre-register

After its successful release in China and its global version closed beta test, Tower of Fantasy is finally on its way to hit the global ARPG market. The highly anticipated game is expected to arrive sometime during the second half of this year, between July and December, and will be available for PC and mobile platforms.

In fact, the game’s official Twitter account has announced that pre-registration is now open for those who want to be notified when the game is finally out.

Tower of Fantasy Pre-registration tweet

In this article, we’ll let you know where and how you can pre-register for Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy pre-registration process

The pre-registration process for Tower of Fantasy is quite easy. The steps are below:

Tower of Fantasy Pre-registration page
Credit: Hotta Studio
  1. Go to the pre-registration page here.
  2. Enter your email address in the empty text box.
  3. Read the Privacy Policy and tick the checkbox to accept the terms.
  4. Hit Submit.

Once done, you can check your email for a verification link. If clicked, this link will send you back to the official pre-registration page.

On the other hand, for you to register through different platforms, you can click on the platform of your choice from the pre-registration page. You can also simply click the links below:

Tower of Fantasy is an anime-style sci-fi shared open-world RPG from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite. Set hundreds of years in the future on the distant planet of Aida, players will be able to experience fictional post-apocalyptic events, freeform character development, immersive objectives, and exciting combat.

In this upcoming game, Earth’s resources and energy have already dwindled, causing mankind to migrate to Aida. It is here where they discovered a powerful energy called “Omnium” contained in a comet. Wanting to capture the comet, they built the Omnium Tower. However, due to its radiation, an unexpected catastrophe occurred.

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