Tower of Fantasy: Cobalt B is the new Simulacrum limited order

Cobalt B

The gun-slinging master engineer is taking over Tower of Fantasy. Get your dark crystals ready as Cobalt B is the next Simulacrum limited order.

If you have not been able to pull Claudia yet in the Simulacrum limited order, you will still have to get that chance to add her to your roster this week. She will soon be replaced by Cobalt B. The official Twitter account of Tower of Fantasy just confirmed that the new Simulacrum to kick off the new month is Cobalt B. Her weapon of choice is the Blazing Revolver.

Cobalt-B is a bearer of the flame resonance and her Blazing Revolver focuses on piercing charged attacks with a Discharge that can clear all debuffs the user has been inflicted with while in combat. Because of her extensive range, in a team, she can play as a DPS or support to cover allies against multiple enemies.


Cobalt B, her lore and basic moveset

If you follow the Chinese version of the game, she is a known mechanical engineer from the Hykros technical team. Her work involves the invention and development of weapons for Hykros. She is designated particularly in the exclusive Weapon development division of Hykros. This is a team that creates lethal weapons for Hykors soldiers and mercenaries. Part of the job in Hykros requires her to occasionally join combat missions so she can personally test her weapons and make adjustments to them as necessary.

Still using the Chinese version of the game, the real name of Cobalt B is Lunis. Before joining Hykros, she was trapped in a cycle of endless gambling by her parents, who eventually had to work at the Crown Mines to pay off their debt in Banges. Through sheer determination, the young master engineer was able to pull herself from the situation that her parents have left her and raised herself to become a Weapon development division specialist in Hykros.

While in combat, she can perform five basic attacks in a row on the ground. Holding down the attack button will cause her to charge her Blazing Revolver and include an additional 100.2% of ATK + 5 damage to the target. The charged attack also explodes after three seconds, causing an additional 25% of ATK + 1 ranged damage to all nearby enemy units. Like the other characters, she can also do air attacks and can even use a “Demolition Grenade” after completing the five normal attack combo.


Other skills, abilities, and advancement of Cobalt B

One of the more commonly used abilities of Cobalt B is the dodge + attack skill. Just as soon as your character doges, immediately press the attack button to trigger a melee break. If successful, hitting the enemy goes up to 163.9% of ATK + 8 damage.

Another skill that Cobalt B has is Barrage. As long as the enemy is within the range of the weapon, a string of continuous attacks can be triggered by the player to inflict total damage of 700% of ATK + 35 damage, with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Players can advance their weapon if they pull a Simulacrum of the same character. The advancement process will also require using a certain number of gold, depending on the Stars being added. Below is an overview of the advancement tree of Cobalt B:


Below is a list of the Simulacra that are currently available to pull at the Simulacrum limited order system of the game:

SimulacraChinese version
Release date
Global version
Release date
ClaudiaDec 22, 2021Sept 15, 2022
Cobalt-BJan 8, 2022Oct 6, 2022
NemesisMar 5, 2022August 11, 2022
FriggMar 25, 2022Sept 1, 2022

We can expect Cobalt B to hit the Tower of Fantasy on October 6, 2022.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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