Tower Of Fantasy: Cheaters threatened with a 10-year ban

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Last Updated on: 8th September 2022, 03:10 am

After its release on August 10, Hotta Studio never gave any details about cheaters in Tower of Fantasy. Today, they are breaking their silence.

A recent post from the website of Tower of Fantasy answered questions about cheaters and hackers of their game. The post addressed the alarming growth in the number of cheaters and hackers of Tower of Fantasy. It also addressed specific actions by cheaters, like illegally obtaining in-game resources that have impacted the game’s balance.

They also confirmed that players had used malicious methods that interfered with the Bygone Phantasm gameplay mode ranking. Many players may have noticed changes in the leaderboard. Hotta Studio started taking action by banning players identified to have cheated or hacked the game at some point.

To date, there have been 3,371 permanently banned accounts in Tower of Fantasy after they were confirmed to be involved in severe violations of the rules and regulations of the game.


A 10-year ban to all cheaters and hackers

According to the post, there have been about 1,000 players banned since August after their accounts were identified to have been involved in illegal activities in-game. Hotta Studio also understands that this has been a growing concern for their players and promised to continue their pursuit to refine their anti-cheating efforts to ensure that this does not happen again.

They have also placed specific details on the parameters of the accounts being permanently banned and the consequences of their illegal activities:

1. 10-year account suspension to those who use cheating programs to obtain in-game resources illegally;
2. 10-year account suspension to those who use cheating programs in gameplay modes such as Bygone Phantasm. These accounts will also be removed from the Ranking after the 1.5 version update. We will compensate all servers for the ranking issue once we finish the process.


Tower of Fantasy 2.0 preparation
Credits: Hotta Studio

Future plans and actions to prevent cheaters and hackers

Hotta Studio knows that although they have identified specific actions by cheaters and hackers, there will always be new cheating methods that would ensure the game’s fairness. They also understand that this will be a long-term battle with those cheaters.

They urge their players to take part in resolving the issue by reporting accounts that they may see as players who have engaged in illegal activities. The game developers also provided ways to report suspected players, either by accessing the player’s profile or by reaching out to their customer service.

Hotta Studio promises that this will not end their pursuit of fair gameplay for everyone to enjoy. They also apologized to all the Wanderers that may have felt that the game developers may have overlooked this matter. they admitted their inability caused the players to continue interfering with the game’s balance.

ower of Fantasy Main Image Ban Cheaters
Credits: Hotta Studio

The future of Tower of Fantasy

A part of the post also included a specific number of players permanently banned from the game. It was separated based on region:

  • Asia-Pacific: 407
  • North America: 454
  • Europe: 1086
  • South America: 235
  • Southeast Asia: 1189

Aside from this, a separate post was included. It had a full list of the server region, account (the second and third character of their username was redacted), and the rule violation done by the player.


Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

How to report a suspected cheater

To report a suspected cheater, simply click their name on the chat or after searching for their username. On the right side of their profile, you will see a red triangle with an exclamation point that says “report.” After clicking report, you will get a prompt asking you to provide specific information about why you suspect the player is cheating.

The player reporting the suspected cheater must provide a reason for the report. You will also need to provide evidence for the report. You may also choose to add remarks for the accuracy of the report.

After filling out the form, you can click report.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.