Tower of Fantasy: Patch 1.5 updates has Artificial Island, Claudia, and the Aida Café

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The Tower of Fantasy official website recently summarized what we could expect in patch 1.5; the Artificial Island, Claudia, and the Aida Café.

Hotta Studio has confirmed that this is their biggest update since the game’s global release in early August this year. They have also accumulated a strong fanbase on various social media platforms. The game developers are aware of the increasing number of reported cheaters. They placed stricter measures for this to be prevented and even emphasized their rules in fair gameplay.

They also confirmed that players had used malicious methods that interfered with the Bygone Phantasm gameplay mode ranking. Many players may have noticed changes in the leaderboard. Hotta Studio started taking action by banning players identified to have cheated or hacked the game at some point.

A big chunk of their update will include an anti-cheat system. They believe this will drastically lessen the number of players who continue to interfere with the game’s balance.


The Artificial Island and the Home System in patch 1.5 updates

According to a news report from the Tower of Fantasy website, the following will be included in the 1.5 patch update:

  • New map of the Artificial Island and new gameplay that will unlock the Home System
  • New 8-player cooperative “raid” gameplay
  • New simulacrum – unlock “Claudia” & the limited “Claudia Matrix”
  • Limited time event – “Aida Café”

The Artificial Island is where you will find the Home System. This is where the player can start crafting new items and get assistance from their pets. One of the most common items that players in the Chinese version craft is the SSR matrix, as it is a rare item in any of the side quests and tasks. The player will start by establishing a Command Center. The Wanderer will then build facilities that will be used to craft new items.

The player can only access the Home System. This will also house different monsters and where you can start farming and even craft items. The monsters found on the island will also have unique drops used to upgrade the facilities inside your island. The monsters found on the island respawn once a week.


Tower of Fantasy Patch 1.5 Update Artificial Island Home Island
Credits: Hotta Studio

Claudia and the Aida Café in patch 1.5 updates

Claudia will also be introduced in the patch 1.5 update. Claudia is an SSR Simulacrum of the DPS class. Her weapon has Physical Resonance, following her Chinese version. Elizabeth Simmons will voice the newly available English version. Once released, she will be the 11th SSR Simulacrum of the game.

Together with Claudia is a string of new Claudia Matrices. The release of the new matrices may be a problem for Hotta Studio as there have been multiple posts about their concerns with the Samir matrices. There has not been any answer from the developer about this matter.

Hotta Studios have spread limited information regarding the limited-time event, Aida Café. However, it appears to be an event requiring the player to gather ingredients. As early as now, it is best if players become wary of the number of cooking ingredients they may have stocked for their characters. Also, based on the teaser, the Wanderer will need to cook five dishes to complete the event. You will need to cook them according to the customers’ taste. They will likely drop hints about what meal they would like you to prepare. Notice that food is divided into three groups: bakes, main, soup, and drinks.


Tower of Fantasy Claudia New Simulacrum
Credits: Hotta Studio

Bug fixes in patch 1.5 updates

According to the official website of Tower of Fantasy, the following are expected to be fixed once the update has been installed:

  • No Endurance (END) is required when the “Spiral Drive “skill is used with the “Thunderblades“ weapon and damage abnormality. The damage description has also been added during the spiral-down effect of the“Thunderblades.”
  • The icon display issue where multiple matrix effects can be activated when switching “Molten Shield V2″(axe mode) to other weapons.
  • There is a “stun” abnormality of the “Pummeler” and “Venus” weapon.
  • There is “dodge” abnormality for some of the “Balmung” weapon.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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