Terraria has sold a total of over 44.5 million copies

Terraria is a long-running game familiar to many-a-Steam Gamer, but did you know it has sold over 44.5 million copies in total so far?

How many copies has Terraria sold in total?

You’re reading that right, that Terraria, that’s over ten years old and with the pixel graphics? That’s sold over 44 million copies in total at this stage and is over halfway to reaching 45m from there too.

Terraria has had quite the journey itself over those ten years, with numerous absolutely huge and totally free updates that have revised the scope of the game massively, so it comes as little surprise to many players that Terraria would have so many copies sold in total.

The start of a new world in Terraria
Credit: ReLogic, TheClick.GG

How does that break down?

If you’ve ever been wondering how many copies Terraria has sold in total, or per platform, here’s your more detailed answer.

TOTAL: 44.5 million units sold
23 million on PC
9.1 million on Consoles
12.4 million on Mobile

Terraria’s copies sold are split between PC, Consoles and Mobile in the source provided. PC quite clearly dominates the listings for Terraria so far, fitting given its start there and with it being a staple game in virtually all Steam sales for years at this stage.

It’s also worth noting it costs very little on Steam, with only £7 at full price and with regular sales dropping the price to half of that.

Not that Terraria and the devs over at RE-Logic are going to take this as their time to finally be done, because all of this information was sourced from the State of the Game May update. And they’re planning even more content, again.

If you’ve ever wanted friendly slimes to move into your settlements in Terraria, I’d highly recommend you go take a look at that May update, by the way.

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