Tekken 8 teased during Evo along with final Tekken 7 updates


Bandai Namco is making rounds on social media as they announce Tekken 7’s free updates and their global finals topped with a new project.

Fans at EVO 2022 were given a taste of the new updates following the Tekken 7 Grand Finals. According to the video recently released by Bandai Namco, players can expect a ” balance patch” to be rolled out on August 17, Wednesday. This may mean that the developers are eyeing the symmetry of the characters. Another update mentioned was “new tactics,” but was not elaborated further. It may hint at some stat or move set adjustments, but we have yet to get specifics of the update before its deployment.

Tekken World Tour 2022 Global World Tour was also announced. According to the video, the competitive Tekken scene will be held in Amsterdam from February 4 to 5, 2023. Just like the video, there is a good chance that we are looking at not just the end of the competitive Tekken season but also an announcement of what is more to come as they tease us with a new project.

Credits: Bandai Namco

A Tekken 8 teaser?

The trailer ends with a retro Kazuya carrying (who looks like) Heihachi while walking on a cliffside. The scene is reminiscent to an older version of Tekken. It may appear to be a nod to the roots of the game. The camera zooms in and the pixels progress to a smiling Kazuya with the words “get ready”, the infamous line at the start of every game round.

With the scene starting in an older look, this may hint at a reboot or remake of previous versions of Tekken. Further speculations from various social media platforms also associate this with a possible release of Tekken 8. Others believe this might be a promotion for “Tekken: Bloodline,” a television series, or even a possible movie.


There has not been any official word from Bandai Namco that can confirm the theories. One thing is for sure, this is the most hyped we’ve been for the franchise in quite some time.

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