Super Nintendo World theme park is coming to the US

North Americans may be glad to know that the Super Nintendo World theme park will be coming to the USA. The first park was inaugurated back in 2021 in Osaka, Japan, and this is the first non-Asian version of the park.

The announcement was made by Universal Studios, where the park will be settled. Universal is very familiar with thematic parks, such as the famous Wizarding World of Harry Potter park. The new Nintendo area will be one of the many attractions at their park in Hollywood, California.

Super Nintendo World theme park announcement

The theme park will arrive first at Hollywood, but Universal Studios Orlando is very likely to soon receive its own version of it. Since Universal Hollywood also functions as a film studio, their parks are usually not as packed as their Orlando counterparts but are still great nonetheless.

According to their official site, while the park itself will only open in 2023, we’ll soon receive the Feature Presentation, where Nintendo fans may get some exclusive collectibles and keepsakes from the company in advance. 

While named Super Nintendo World, the park in Japan is mainly focused on Mario and has attractions such as real-life Mario Kart, thematic Yoshi’s Island snacks, the Bowser Jr. Challenge, and, of course, meeting some of the game characters. You can have a virtual tour through the Japanese attractions here on their official site.

super nintendo world theme park japan
Credit: Universal Studios

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Universal Studios Japan revealed back in 2021 that Pokémon-related attractions would be arriving in their Osaka park, but most likely due to COVID-19 complications, no more updates were given on the matter. The Hollywood version should also receive only the Mario content on its release.

No more information was given about the exact release date or about the goods available during the Feature Presentation, but more should be revealed with time. 

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