Star Citizen release date still unclear while crowd-funding hit $500 million

Star Citizen Crowd-Funding

Almost a decade after it was announced on October 18, 2012, Star Citizen is still keeping mum as to when they are planning a full release of the game.

As of September 20, 2022, the crowd-funding has reached a cosmic amount of USD 500,077,886. Together with this is a total of 4,096,442 Star Citizens as of writing. The numbers continue to rise both on the amount in the crowd-funding and the Star Citizens. Despite all of this, there has not been any official date given by Roberts Space Industries as to when they plan to release the full game.

Pre-production of the game can be traced back as early as 2010 while its actual production stage started in 2011. Back when it was announced in 2012, the massively successful Kickstarted campaign of the space game went close to two million USD.

Star Citizen Funding Stats
Credits: Roberts Space Industries

Star Citizen’s future

Roberts Space Industries is the official website of all Star Citizens. This was coined after an in-game corporation that manufactures spaceships. This can also be traced to the name of the Director of the game, Chris Roberts. The game itself is playable, albeit with some restrictions as it is still in its alpha state, with its latest update, 3.17.2.

According to the same website, the latest update released on April 29, 2022, had a total of 20 new entries, including one new character, six new gameplay features, and other entries. The release of the 3.18 update is still in the pipeline. It is set to be publicized by the end of the third quarter.


Following the Roadmap Roundup published by the game developers, Another update, 3.19, is set to be released by the end of the fourth quarter of this year. So far, no specific details were discussed on the website, and no specific direction as to where it would go after that.

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