Skullgirls: Umbrella descends into the spotlight

Skullgirls Umbrella

Surprising no one, the second character in the Skullgirls season pass, Umbrella, has been revealed. Umbrella (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris), is the sister of Parasoul and the princess of the Canopy Kingdom. Check out the teaser below.

Fans have speculated for some time that Umbrella would be added in some capacity as she was designed to be part of the original roster and ended up a first-round pick in the original Skullgirls DLC character polls, only losing in votes to brass-brawler Big Band.

Umbrella Is Coming To Skullgirls

While we don’t know too much about Umbrella, she has been referenced several times throughout the Skullgirls lore. Umbrella like her sister Parasoul wields a living weapon named Hungern the German word for Famine.

Credit: Reverb Labs

This actually references the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as Parasoul’s weapon is named Krieg the German word for War, and the royal Renoir family of the Canopy Kingdom is known to have two other living weapons that follow this same naming convention and will likely have abilities related to their respective aspects.

Skullgirls Parasoul
Credit: Reverb Labs

Based on the design of the weapon, we can speculate some details about Umbrella’s playstyle as well. Hungern has an interesting design, it has eyes along the ribs of the umbrella, bones all along the shaft, and a gaping mouth at the end top.

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We can assume that its moves will revolve around its body morphing to take bites out of the opponent or slashing them with teeth as well as opening up to allow for some lateral aerial movement in the same way the Parasoul’s parasol Krieg does. Hungern could also use powerful bites with a lot of potential for grapple moves.

Skullgirls Umbrella & Hungern
Credit: Reverb Labs

So far, we don’t know for sure exactly what to expect from Umbrella, but we are definitely excited for her to Descend into Skullgirls alongside Annie later this year.

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