Rumbleverse: Season 1 kicks off on August 18

Rumbleverse Key Art

Epic Games and Iron Galaxy released Rumbleverse this Thursday (August 11, 2022, at 7 am PT, 10 am ET, 3 pm BST, and 4 pm CEST). This free-to-play game is set in the streets of Grapital City. Rumbleverse players can either play solo or duo in the Battle Barge of 40 players, all pitting in a battle royale.

The multiplayer fighting game seems to be the answer of Epic Games to the thriving community of players who are craving more immersive gameplay that merges Smash Bros, Fall Guys, and Fortnite in an all-out matchmaking game.

The game opened its Founder’s Pack with its official release. This includes five color variants of the Karategi set (Black, Red, Purple, Orange, White), the Seiza Emote, and 2000 Brawlla Bills (their in-game currency). The Karategi set includes a jacket, trousers, gloves, and boots.

Rumbleverse: items, weapons, perks and more

Credits: Rumbleverse

There are items, weapons, perks, and stat pods scattered all over the map of each match to add flavor to the game. Items vary from energy drinks, food, and loot crates with varying rarity on the map. The Stat Pods provide boosts to your Arms, Core, and/or Legs and are scattered throughout the map through loot crates.

Weapons on the map follow the wrestling classic as players can also find folding chairs, wooden planks, bats, and even road signs that can be used against opponents. Even things you would typically just see as you stroll the streets, like plastic chairs, garbage cans, and mailboxes, can be used to bring down enemies.

Perks are the passive bonus effects that players can use throughout the match. This can be earned through combat experience, either by dealing damage to opponents or eliminating them from the game. Each perk has perk meters that, when full, can be used as the ultimate move of each player. The perk meter is random and gets more challenging to fill as the game progresses.


Rumbleverse is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games Store.

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