Resident Evil 8 Has Been Delayed?

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil Village

The upcoming installment in the Resident Evil franchise – Resident Evil Village (dubbed Resident Evil 8) is slated for release on the May 7th, 2021. But has RE8 been delayed?

The upcoming chapter in the iconic horror series is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, set a few years after the events of its predecessor.

Resident Evil Village Tall Woman
Credit: Capcom

Ethan Winters, the protagonist, is in search of answers after a mysterious visit from Chris Redfield, and his journey takes him to a village in Romania where he finds way more than he bargained for.

The star attraction of the game so far has been Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, the 9 foot 6-inch tall vampire lady with a big hat living with three women whom she considers her daughters. She was featured in all the trailers of the game so far, as well as the PS5 exclusive “Maiden” demo.

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Has RE8 Been Delayed?

As far as official statements from CAPCOM go, the game is still on course for its May launch. However, twitter user GrandCookieZX posted the following tweet on 3rd March, 2021.

“In the newest issue of edge magazine it says that RE8 will release on June 22 instead of May 7. This should be taken with a grain of salt until we get offical confirmation on this. However, it is possible that the game has been delayed.”

“It could also be an error like when the official xbox magazine said that the subway system could be used for fast travel in RE3 remake. They also said that spiders and the grave digger would be in the game but none of that was true.”

Our viewers are advised to take this tweet and the EDGE magazine article with a grain of salt as it might simply be a misprint. However, even though it would be unorthodox for CAPCOM to delay the game, given the recent trend in the games industry with developers taking their time to work on their games, this would not be surprising.

UPDATE: The delay has been confirmed to be a print error. It is safe to say that any rumors surrounding a delay are all speculation and serve to spread misinformation. Edge Magazine made the following statement on their twitter account.

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“Print error, we’re both pleased and horrified to report. The person responsible has been dealt with accordingly.”

Unless otherwise announced by Capcom themselves, Resident Evil Village is still on course for a May 7th release.

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