RE Showcase: Everything You Need To Know, RE8 Release Date, Re:Verse Beta, Infinite Darkness, and More!

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The RE Showcase took place tonight, giving us a first look at the upcoming Resident Evil 8.

2021 is the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series, with the first game releasing back in 1996.

Resident Evil 8 Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for Resident Evil 8 was showcased, giving players a greater insight into what to expect, as well as the relationship between Ethan and the unnamed tall woman.

Check out the latest trailer below.

Resident Evil Village Release Date and Platforms

It was revealed that Resident Evil 8 will be available worldwide on May 7th 2021. It was also confirmed that the game will be coming to the last gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One. Capcom previously cancelled these versions due to hardware limitations.

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The Merchant Returns

The Merchant hasn’t been seen since Resident Evil 4 and was how players purchased new weapons. He will be making a return, except this time he’s called The Duke, he is also a fat older man this time, rather than the mysterious cloaked figure.

Resident Evil 8 The Duke

RE8 Demo Out Now

It has been confirmed that a Resident Evil 8 demo is available now for PS5 users. In the demo we will play as a character called Maiden, rather than Ethan, as we are tasked to escape a castle. There will be no combat in the demo and will instead focus on puzzle solving.

The demo will release on other platforms later in the Spring.

New Multiplayer Game Confirmed

A trailer for the new multiplayer Resident Evil game was revealed. The game will be called Re:Verse and will pit characters from across the series against each other. Re:Verse will feature both human and B.O.W characters including Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ada, Nemesis, Mr X, the Licker, and Jack Baker.

The game will be available for free to owners of Resident Evil 8, much like Resistance was for Resident Evil 3 Remake owners.

The Division 2 Collab

It was announced that there will be a collab with The Division 2. Players that take part in the event will unlock Leon’s RPD outfit. There are also various other outfits available including S.T.A.R.S outfits, which include Chris and Jill’s classic costumes, as well as a Hunk outfit.

Resident Evil X The Division 2 Leon RPD Outfit Free

The event will begin on February 2nd but no end date was announced.

Infinite Darkness

We also got more news on the new CGI film titled “Resident Evil Infinite Darkness”. Set a few years after Resident Evil 4, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will team up again for the first time since Resident Evil: Degeneration, as they tackle yet another zombie outbreak.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Key Art

It has been confirmed that the film will be distributed via Netflix and will be available worldwide, however the release date is unconfirmed at this time.

No RE4 Remake?

Fans were expecting the announcement of the next remake, presumably the Resident Evil 4 Remake, but nothing was mentioned by Capcom.

There was also no news regarding the live-action movie, which ended filming towards the end of 2020. It is rumoured to release in September, but that hasn’t been confirmed by Capcom.

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