Some Questions answered by the GTA 6 Leaks and others left hanging

GTA 6 Leaks

If there is one good thing that came up with the travesty of the GTA 6 leaks, it is the fact that some of the questions from the past few years have finally been answered.

In total, 90 screenshots and roughly an hour’s worth of video were recently leaked online that showcased the game through various stages of its development. It included clips of the new character personalization, basic gameplay mechanics, and locations featured in the upcoming game.

The legitimacy of these leaks has also been addressed by Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive and has been confirmed as being real.


GTA 6 leaks
Credits: Rockstar

The aftermath of GTA 6 leaks

The hacker, Teapotuberhacker, has claimed ownership of the GTA 6 leaks. If you look into this further, an article from Vulture speculates specific and disturbing details of the possible hacker.

“An admin for the popular hacking forum Breached, who goes by the username pompompurin, alleges that the culprit is a 16-year-old male based in the U.K. They allege that he has ties with the hacker group Lapsus$ which claimed responsibility for both the recent Uber hack and another on graphics-card manufacturer Nvidia.”

The Vulture

There was an attempt to sell the source code of GTA 5 and GTA 6 leaks. There was also an attempt to leak more footage. To top that all off, now the entire ordeal is believed to be under investigation by the FBI.


GTA Online Boat Money
Credit: Rockstar Games

The answers we did get about GTA 6 from the leaks

Remnants of the GTA 6 leaks continue to linger across various social media platforms. Of course, there were multiple attempts to take down the videos posted on YouTube, Twitter, and just about every other video streaming website. Surprising absolutely no-one, the leaks have managed to survive and pop up again despite these attempts.

Save your time if you haven’t seen them yet though, they still look unfinished so it’s not that interesting a watch. With that said, it looked more like a teaser than anything else. This sneak peek gave us a look at the characters in the game; Lucia and Jason. They can be seen robbing a diner together.

In terms of customization, there was also a clip showing the player switching characters from Lucia to Jason through what looks like a hotel in the game. The transition looked instantaneous and unfinished. Chances are, there would be some animation involved in the swapping of characters once the game is completed.


The other questions

The fact that two new characters were introduced with no specific premise of who they are has brought more questions than answers. For the obvious one, who is Lucia and Jason? We were given an idea of what they do, how they interact with other characters and even see them throw a few punches. But we never really get an idea of how they play a part in the overall progression of the game.

If Rockstar is paying homage to the Bonnie and Clyde trope, then we may be looking at a couple. Then again, no one said they’re not related. These are likely to be questions we have to wait for answers on though.

We also finally, but briefly get to see Vice City, confirming that the location is real. However, with the city being confirmed to be the setting of the game, we now have questions about how the city plays a part in the game. The cars that we can carjack, the random strangers we can punch before the sirens go off, the number of stars we can get before the screen goes hazy and show the iconic word “wasted”; How far can we go in terms of interacting with the environment? With the city itself now being real, it is now a question of how real the city is.

Many other small details were left unanswered despite the sheer volume of the leak. Things such as how the phone will look, or what apps can be loaded into it. If the game will feature a variety of missions, such as stealth, or other minigames.

The GTA 6 leaks never got that far, but for someone who believes great things are worth the wait; it might just be worth the wait.

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