Over 70 Xbox titles with backward compatibility now available

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The Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration Stream brought a lot of exciting news for players. Among big revelations such as making the Halo Infinity Multiplayer beta available for everyone, now over 70 titles from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 have backward compatibility.

Microsoft has been making their old games available for players in their newer consoles since 2015, and they kept updating their list to bring that sweet nostalgia feeling to their older players.

Over 70 new Xbox titles with backward compatibility are available

More than 500 titles were already on the backward compatibility catalog, with those new 70 being the latest batch. You can check out the whole list here. They can be enjoyed on either Xbox One or Series X/S, and are just as good as they were in their original release.

But those titles also have a new feature: some of those titles support Auto HDR, FPS Boost and have faster loading times in order to bring a better experience compared to the older generation. The games’ essence is not lost but improved.

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Credit: Microsoft

Auto HDR is available for every single title on the list and improves the visual quality of the game when playing on Series X/S. 

The announcement states that 11 of the new titles received FPS Boost support, along with other 26 existing titles in their backward compatibility list. This new feature doubles their capability to 60 FPS and it’s available for titles like Binary Domain, and NIER.

FPS Boost is also coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming for some selected titles like the Fallout series. More titles may receive that feature in the near future.

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The sad part is that those were the final games to receive this special treatment. After getting some new titles on their backward compatibility list, Microsoft doesn’t plan to bring more titles to the newest generation.

But at least, we finally got some of the most requested titles, such as the Dead or Alive series, F.E.A.R games, and Max Payne. And who knows, maybe Microsoft will change its mind in the future.

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