Nintendo Switch Online: 4 New Games Coming Next Week

Nintendo Switch Online Key Art Promo Mario

It has been a while since the last lot of free games were added to the Nintendo Switch Online NES and SNES libraries. But now it has been announced that 4 more games will be coming to the service next week.

3 new SNES games and 1 NES will be added next Wednesday, February 17th. Here are the games.


  • Doomsday Warrior
  • Prehistorik Man
  • Psycho Dream

Doomsday Warrior

Doomsday Warrior Amon vs Shadow
CLONE: Doomsday Warrior is a rather average Street Fighter clone

Doomsday Warrior is a 2D fighting game that was released back in 1992. During the time when Street Fighter 2 had taken over both arcades and consoles, developing a 2D fighter was a risky move for any studio. Doomsday Warrior looks…..OK, but nothing special, especially when considering what other great fighters are on the SNES.

But with neither Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat in the Nintendo Switch Online SNES library, it might be worth a go.

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Prehistorik Man

Prehistorik Man In Game Key Art Promo
HIDDEN GEM: Prehistorik Man is actually a really fun platformer

This is a game that I have fond memories of, I used to play this game a lot growing up. Prehistorik Man is a really fun platformer with a prehistoric setting, hence the name. The game feels very similar to many other platformers on the system that wasn’t Mario, and that’s a bad thing.

This is definitely a game you should be checking out.

Psycho Dream

Psycho Dream In Game SNES
RAGE: Psycho Dream is inspired by games such as Sega’s Streets Of Rage

Psycho Dream is a 2D side-scrolling hack and slash game. Due to the success of Sega’s Streets Of Rage, many similar side-scrolling beat em ups were developed. Overall it looks like a fun game and one I will be checking out.


Fire ‘N Ice

Fire N Ice NES In Game
NO DRAGONS HERE: It may be about fire and ice, but there’s no dragons in this game

Finally there is Fire ‘N Ice on the NES. This is a 2D puzzle game where players use both fire and ice to solve puzzles. Overall it looks like a really fun game and one that could be a good little time waster.

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These games will be added to the service on February 17th for all players which subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Nintendo Switch Online costs $3.99/£3.49 for 1 month, $7.99/£6.99 for 3 months, and $19.99/£17.99 for 12 months.

Memberships can be found cheaper here:

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