Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.08: Release date, New hero and more

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Heroes

The month of August is shaping up to cause some major changes in the meta. Mobile Legends: Bang is looking at optimizing some less-picked heroes, nerfing the heroes recently peaking the charts, and critical bug fixes.

The new patch is set to put Nana, Ling, Julian, and some other recently released heroes in the spotlight. From game control mechanics to updating skill kits. The update also promises to buff less popular heroes like Harith, hoping to put them back to higher levels of play. Overall, the game developers are looking at balancing the game dynamics and player experience.

There is also an emphasis on the visual effects and other aesthetics that affect the gameplay, especially on in-game skills from early-game until late-game matches. Heroes like Cecilion, known to dominate the early game, are looking to be nerfed after some clamor that he does not match well with other magic-based heroes as soon as late-game matches.

New hero, hero adjustments, new skins and more

The new hero, Fredrinn, is introduced to this with the new patch. The rouge appraiser is designed to be a tank/fighter with a focus on skill combos and attacks. His passive skill is known as the Crystalline Armor. A certain percentage of damage Fredrinn receives from attacks is stored as Crystal Energy. Once he uses his enhanced ultimate, he is able to release this stored Crystal Energy. Currently, the hero can store a total of four Crystal Energy.

  • First skill – Piercing Strike. Fredrinn creates a narrow attack area in front of him that damages enemies while enhancing his next basic attack. The enhanced basic attack has both longer range and extra damage.
  • Second skill – Brave Assault. Fredrinn dashes forward, damaging opponents. This grants him combo points and also enhances his next basic attack. The enhanced Basic Attack knocks the target hit airborne.
  • Third skill – Energy Eruption. Fredrinn creates a vortex-like attack area with him at the center, deals damage to nearby enemies, and taunts them. If hit with this skill, enemy heroes, he gets reduced cooldowns of his regular skills and grants him extra Physical and Magic Defense.
  • Ultimate skill – Appraiser’s Wrath. Fredrinn forms a cone-like damage area before him and deals high damage to enemies. This damage is increased with his stored Crystal Energy.

If you decide to use this new hero. Start the fight by striking first using Brave Assault. Follow it up with an enhanced basic attack, then use your first skill. After Piercing Strike, use your enhanced basic attack again then use your third skill. By this time, you should have a full stack of Crystal Energy. This is the perfect time to use your ultimate skill. If the enemy hero is still putting up a fight, you should have some health left to allow you to redo the combo for as long as it is a one-on-one fight. This hero is best in the early to mid-game.

Fredrinn is set to be released on August 12 on the main server. Together with the release of the new character is a promotional discount for his skin, Regal Renegade. The promotional discount will run from August 12-25.


Here are the nerfed and buffed heroes for this patch:

  • Nana (nerfed) – With developers believing she was overpowered on her last update, players can expect the skills and passive of this hero to be nerfed. An additional 30 seconds in the cooldown of her passive means longer wait time for her death-defying escape. Her first skill no longer slows enemy heroes together with slight delays on her ultimate.
  • Ling (nerfed) – This hero continues to dominate the higher rank games. As such, the developers decided to lower his durability. This should give a higher survival rate for enemy heroes if ambushed. They have reduced his HP base after this patch.
  • Julian (nerfed) – His base damage is reduced. Also, his enhanced base damage range for his skillset has been reduced by 10 to 20 points.
  • Harith (buffed) – Reduced mana requirement for his second skill. At the maximum level, the mana requirement has a minus 15 points requirement.
  • Natalia (adjusted) – Her passive skill has been adjusted. The developers lowered her base damage but have increased her attack scaling. Aside from being able to jungle, this means that she will be a bigger threat if the game gets longer.

Below are the new skins included in this patch:

  • Martis – His “God of War” is back from the revamp and will be available in the Lucky Box event.
  • Jawhead – The “Cyber Ranger” is available for 749 diamonds with a 30% discount on its first week.
  • Fredrinn – His “Regal Renegade” will be available on 08/12 for 51 diamonds in its first two weeks.
  • Estes – The much-awaited “Blacklist International” skin will be available for pre-order on 08/11. It can be purchased from 08/18 and 09/17 for 899 diamonds, with its first week at 30% off.
  • Atlas – His “Space Mech” will be available on 09/01 through the September Starlight Skin.
  • Miya- Her “Doom Catalyst” will be available on 09/03 at the Grand Collection event.
  • Lancelot – His “Empyrean Flame” will be available on 09/08 for 899 diamonds with its first week at 30% off.
  • Valentina – Her “Archmagister” will be available on 09/17 with the first week at 30% off.
  • Vexana – Her “Sanguine Rose” will be available soon with optimized in-match effects. No dates released as of yet.

The pre-order event for the M3 Champion Skin – “Blacklist International” will be available on 08/11. Other discounts will apply if you pre-order the skin and complete the event tasks between 08/11 and 08/18. The “Blacklist International” of Estes and the M3 Champion Bundle will be available for purchase on 08/18. 

Credits: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

New features, collaborations and bugfixes

A permanent event exclusive called The Brewing Storm is included in the patch. The event will last from 08/10 to 08/24. Players can tap Daily Surprise every day to claim random rewards.

The event badges obtained from event draws can be exchanged for rewards in the event shop. The Brewing Storm Elimination Effect can only be obtained via the event shop. Other rewards (Vale “Blizzard Storm”, The Brewing Storm Recall Effect, Emote, Avatar Border, Spawn Effect, Sacred Statue) are guaranteed in the first 10 draws during the event. Any unused event badges and tokens will be removed at the end of the event.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will also be collaborating with Kung Fu Panda. The event is called MLBB X Kung Fu Panda, which will include skins for heroes like Akai “Kung Fu Panda”, Thamuz “General Kai”, and Ling “Lord Shen”. 

Thamuz “General Kai” is guaranteed in the first 10 draws during the event. Later on, jade ornaments obtained from event draws can be exchanged for rewards in the event shop.

Multiple system adjustments and bug fixes are also on their way. This includes automatically granting rewards for completing 5 Ranked matches, optimizing player experience with in-match reconnection by adding secondary confirmation, and extending the prompt’s trigger time.

Bug fixes will focus on occasional glitches from the game because of skills like Ling’s first skill, where he would go on cooldown upon respawn if he was killed when he was leaping towards a wall and Diggie’s second skill, where he would occasionally fail to pull back the marked enemy.

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