Is Deep Rock Galactic cross-platform?

Deep Rock Galactic is a fun CO-OP Shooter, so crossplay and cross-platform do seem like something the game would have, but does it have these features?

Is Deep Rock Galactic a cross-platform game?

No, Deep Rock Galactic is not a fully cross-platform title, but it does have cross-generational support, allowing you to play with friends on the same family of consoles, such as Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, or PS4 and PS5.

This is a bit unusual because Deep Rock Galactic is a fairly relaxed fun horde shooter CO-OP game, which is the exact type of title that you’d expect to have full cross-platform support so that people don’t have to think about those restrictions.

Still, the cross-gen support allows you to play with anyone in the same console ecosystem as you, so it’s not as restrictive as it could be. It’s worth mentioning that there is an additional caveat to this as well; those of you who own Deep Rock Galactic on the Microsoft Store can play with players in the Xbox ecosystem.

This is somewhat confusing as that would be a PC copy of the game, but you also cannot play with Steam players this way. So, it’s probably best to think of the Microsoft store version as an Xbox-live version of Deep Rock that’s playable on PC.

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Credit: TheClick.GG, Coffee Stain Publishing

We can hope that we’ll see full support for this feature in the future from Deep Rock Galactic.

More players available to each and every section of the playerbase of a for-fun game is always good after all. Usually, the less you have to think about the rest of the playerbase and your matchmaking times the better, and crossplay is a good way to boost all version’s player count at once, which goes a long way to achieving that.

If you’re still looking for more games to play with your buddies across different platforms after Deep Rock Galactic has dropped the ball, you might be interested in hearing the latest on Warframe crossplay support and cross-platform support for Splitgate.

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