Humble bundle Stand with Ukraine deal makes charities £13m+

Stand with Ukraine Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle launched a limited time Stand With Ukraine bundle recently, and it’s been pulling in some serious money for Ukrainian charities.

The Stand with Ukraine charity Bundle

The Stand with Ukraine bundle is available here. As usual with any Humble Bundle bundle deal, the value for it is pretty good. Actually, in this case, it’s exceptional even by those standards.

Instead of the usual case of getting somewhere around 8 games for approximately £10 ($13), this particular bundle costs you £30 ($39.50) but instead of 8 games, you’re looking at a deal featuring 125 total items, at least half of which are games. There are also some tabletop rulebooks, comics, software and more thrown in as extras, which make this bundle absurdly good value for anyone looking for a wide variety of things to try.

But all of that isn’t the best part about it.

bundle summary on Stand with Ukraine Humble Bundle
Credit: Humble Bundle

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Unlike many bundles, where at least some of the value absolutely must go to humble and some may go to the publisher depending on how you adjust the payment settings on purchase, absolutely all proceeds from this particular bundle will go to charities supporting Ukraine at the moment.

The charities benefitting are Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief.

Now I’m not here to demand people support charity; do it if you can, by all means, however in this case, it’s actually a really good idea both for charity and for your own self-benefit. You do after all get an incredible value package of games, software and more, and that’s on top of helping people whose lives have recently been entirely overturned.

It’s certainly worth considering the bundle even if you think you’ll only use some of the keys given some of the highlights too. You can always give away the (many) spare keys you might end up with after all.

And it does seem like quite a fair number of people have decided to grab the bundle either to support Ukraine or for the sheer value already.

As of today, the total gathered stands at above £13m ( $ = 17m+), with the bundle having about a day left on the clock. Here’s hoping for a last-minute rally to make £15m for those good causes. If you’re interested in chipping into it yourself for any reason; The bundle is available here.

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