Humble Bundle plans cap on charity donations, removes sliders

Humble Bundle Logo (Charity Donations Limit)

Humble Bundle has announced plans on both its blog and Twitter that its planning some fairly large changes to it’s website, including a 15% limit on charity donations.

When did this happen?

Plans were revealed for this a few hours ago as of time of publishing, with an announcement tweet from the official Humble Bundle account.

The tweet mentions updates and changes to bundle pages, which sounds innocent enough, however, visiting the linked blog post shows further details.

So what’s happening?

The blog post shows two large change previews;

  • Sliders are being removed in favour of a choice between “default donation” and “extra to charity”, values being 5% and 15% of price respectively
  • A change to the page layout allowing you to simply click a price tier to see included content, rather than having to scroll to the bottom.

The second change seems to be a fairly standard, usual website improvements kind of deal that requires little commentary and will provoke little reaction beyond it being a nice change.

And in total fairness to them, it does seem like a great little change to the website, I’m sure this website update WOULD have been popular, if it wasn’t for the next thing.

Humble Bundle Tiers changes
Humble Bundle Tiers changes, Credit: Humble Bundle Blog

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Humble Bundle Charity Donations

The first change however, is likely to spark some level of backlash, given that Humble Bundle was originally seen as a way to get new games while supporting charity – and even allowed you to customize where your money went with the use of price sliders.

These sliders however, a popular part of the Humble Bundle setup, are being removed alongside the implentation of the 15% cap on chariatable donations.

While the sliders are mostly a feature that people would have moved on from, if replaced well, the removal of them in such a way, to implement a cap on the money going to charity, is likely to prove unpopular.

Humble Bundle Charity changes,
Humble Bundle Charity changes, Credit: Humble Bundle Blog

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The changes can be seen as the user clicks the adjust donation part of the window in the clip above, showing a 5% or 15% cut of $25 depending on which is selected.

It is already proving unpopular, in fact, with the announcement tweet getting slammed in its own comments.

The motive for this change isn’t particularly clear at the moment, and with the amount of backlash this may draw it’ll be interesting to see if it gets reversed in the near future, or if Humble Bundle will plough on with this course regardless as to loss of Reputation.

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