How to increase download speed on Xbox Series X/S

New Xbox feature to increase download speeds

Series X beta software testers received an update with a new feature that is supposed to increase download speed on Xbox.

Xbox Insiders who are part of the beta test program for Xbox Series X|S OS updates saw a new button on their download queues page.

Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie had the following to say about the new feature on her twitter account.

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“Suspend in the queue will let you download at full speed while making sure your game remains resumable (or quick resume-able on Series X|S).”

The button labeled “Suspend my game” allows players to suspend their games to allow the download to progress at full speed, and then pick up where they left off with the resume function (or the Quick Resume function on Xbox Series X|S).

This is a huge step forward from the previous system where players were forced to close game apps entirely to increase their download speeds, as opposed to simply suspending them.

Former Corporate Vice President of Xbox Program Management Mike Ybarra had previously confirmed that the download speeds were throttled in order to ensure sufficient bandwidth was allowed for players playing Multiplayer games while simultaneously downloading games.

The new feature looks very promising, considering the throttles were very aggressive and slowing the download to a snail’s pace whilst in-game.

How to increase download speeds on Xbox

There are several methods that can be employed in tandem with the new Suspend feature to enable high download speeds on Xbox consoles.

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  • Upgrade to a faster connection (if possible)
  • Use a wired connection (ethernet cable)
  • If a wired connection is not an option, try to position the router closer to the console, or vice-versa
  • Use power-line adapters for situations where the console can barely receive wi-fi signal from the routers/repeaters
  • Ensure the internet is not being used by others for bandwidth intensive activities (easiest method is to change the wi-fi password temporarily until you’re done with the download and then change it back)

These are the most effective and direct methods that increase download speed on Xbox.