French union is suing Ubisoft for institutional harassment

Ubisoft office used in french union suing ubisoft piece

Solidaires Informatique, the French union is suing Ubisoft for maintaining a system of institutional sexual harassment.

Solidaires Informatique and two former Ubisoft employees have named multiple Ubisoft executives, including CEO Yves Guillemot and other employees named in public allegations of harassment that came out in 2020, in this ‘institutional harassment’ case.

Solidaires Informatiques released the statement above, once translated, it identifies who in the company they will be targeting, as well as targeting “Ubisoft as a legal entity for setting up, maintaining and reinforcing a system where sexual harassment is tolerated because it is more profitable for the company to keep harassers in place than to protect its employees.”.The statement clearly reveals the reasons the French union is suing Ubisoft.

Since the news 2020 of allegations, Ubisoft has attempted to separate itself from this sexual harassment culture, as many employees, including some who are named in the statement, resigned last year.

Ubisoft Logo used in french union suing ubisoft piece
Ubisoft logo. Credit: Ubisoft.

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CEO Yves Guillemot also wrote an internal letter, later released to the public, explaining how Ubisoft has decided to make big and immediate changes regarding the situation. Ubisoft announced at the time that Lidwine Sauer of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation lab was made the first head of workplace culture in the hopes of creating an international and diverse workplace to aid in the efforts.

He added that they would be setting up “employee listening sessions” and hiring an independent consultant to oversee their policies.

Solidaires Informatique lolgo used in french union suing ubisoft piece
Solidaires informatique logo. Credit: Solidaires Informatique

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“We are not looking for a quick fix, but rather a structural shift at Ubisoft that fully aligns with our value.” Guillemot stated regarding the efforts to put an end to their culture of sexual harassment. Thus, admitting to a history of mistreated employees and promising change.

However, it seems that Solidaire Informatique and other involved parties are not happy with Ubisoft’s actions so far, as some managers accused of harassment maintain their positions. Evidently, it seems they have not taken proper action to remedy this, hence why Solidaire Informatique, the French union are suing Ubisoft.

We have reached out to Ubisoft for a statement, and will provide an update if a response is received.