Fortnite Competitive LANs to resume in 2023

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Fortnite Competitive Return 2023

Last Updated on: 14th November 2022, 07:52 am

Fortnite Competitive LAN events have finally returned following the global pandemic.

Before the recent FNCS Invitational, the last LAN event was the Fortnite World Cup in the Summer of 2019, which saw Bugha win the first event to take him $3 million.

Now that LANs are back, it looks like Epic Games is ready to commit to in-person events again fully.

Fortnite In-Person Events Are Back

At the end of the Fortnite FNCS Invitational tournament that was broadcast on YouTube and Twitch, an end screen was shown that said, “See you all in 2023.”

Fortnite Competitive Return 2023
Credit: Epic Games

With Chapter 3 Season 4 ending in a few weeks and the start of Chapter 4 in December, it makes sense that no more FNCS tournaments will happen until early 2023.

Although we will likely see more in-person FNCS LANs throughout 2023, it is possible that we could see a new Fortnite World Cup for the first time in four years.


The first and last Fortnite World Cup was held in the Summer of 2019, and the Solos tournament was famously won by Bugha, who took home $3 million for winning the event.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 ends on December 3rd, 2022, and will usher in the start of Chapter 4 on December 4th or 5th.