Destiny 2: New Exotics revealed for Season of the Splicer

destiny 2 season of the splicer new exotics

Every new season in Destiny 2 is an exercise in making some different builds with the new exotics that get dropped. From Felwinter’s Helm with its busted blinding effect at launch to Cuirass of the Falling Star being the upgrade that Thundercrash needed, seasonal exotics can always surprise you. Weird, wacky builds are incredibly interesting to see, more so when these new exotics are dropped every season.

The new offerings for Season of the Splicer seem fairly straightforward, but time will tell if they’ll end up creating unique builds like an OHKO Heart of Inmost Light set up for titans. We can only hope that something so unique will come out of this new season.

Legs, legs, legs

It seems like every class in Destiny has at least one decent piece of leg armor; some of the best ones are great for utility (like Orpheus Rig and Lunafaction Boots) or are just plain fun to use (Dunemarchers, *cough*). It seems like Season of the Splicer is sticking to a utility for everyone, as every piece of leg armor releasing this season is going to be different for everyone.

  • Star-Eater Scales (Hunter)
Star-Eater Scales for the Hunter, a new exotic being released in Destiny 2.
Credit: Bungie

Strange, spiky, and adorned with creepy faces on the knees, the Star-Eater Scales are gonna be the exotic that lets Hunters charge their super faster with orbs and it will also increase super damage on use. The benefits sound nice but we won’t know how potent these effects are until they arrive in the next season. Orb of Power potency and bonus damage for supers aren’t something that have been considered too much in the current meta, so maybe these legs will shake things up a bit.

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  • The Path of Burning Steps (Titan)
The Path of Burning Steps, a new exotic coming out in Destiny 2.
Credit: Bungie

This one appeals to me, not just because I’m a Titan main, but because this is the first Stasis counter exotic I’ve seen so far. The Path of Burning Steps makes it so solar elimination kills increase weapon damage and they also make it harder for you to be slowed down with Stasis. Stasis being such a pain point in Crucible means that we might see gear as a potential solution for Stasis woes.

  • Boots of the Assembler (Warlock)
Boots of the Assembler, another new exotic coming out in Destiny 2.
Credit: Bungie

These legs seem to fall in line with Warlock being the support class of the three, despite having some serious firepower in some of its own subclass set-ups. Boots of the Assembler make it so that healing and enhancement rifts become projectiles that give benefits to your fellow fireteam members. Much like the Star-Eater Scales, we’ll have to see how potent these are in the wild when they finally drop.

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Meta Shake Up

The Destiny 2 community is really creative when it comes to breaking in new exotics; by the end of the first week of the new season, everyone will know how good all these new leg pieces will be. Are we going to see some seriously messed-up moments in the Crucible when these things drop? Probably nothing more than what Stasis has already done, but I’ve been surprised before.

With these and maybe some new exotics coming out in the revived Vault of Glass raid, it seems like we’ll have plenty of stuff to play with this upcoming season.

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