Deathloop opens battle for Blackreef event

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Following its recent inclusion on Xbox Game Pass, Deathloop is now gearing up for its next event which will see players take on developers to win awesome prizes.

The rivalry between Colt and Julianna to gain control of Blackreef is brewing. Those who join the cause will get giveaways, streams, and rewards.

The team at Arkane Lyon will be pitted against their players in a PvP battle; players versus developers. With Deathloop out now, players are also encouraged to look for the developers so they can be rewarded with hefty loot for their efforts.

The event starts on September 26 and will last until October 2. The event will be open to all platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 5, and Windows 10/11 PCs. It is also available for PlayStation Plus (Extra and Premium) subscribers and with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Cloud Gaming (Beta) for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.


Deathloop opens battle for Blackreef event
Credits: Bethesda

Find the Arkane Lyon in Deathloop

To join, players simply need to look for the developers and challenge them in the PvP match-up of the game. Players will either be the invader or the character being invaded in the PvP. The player needs to look up the Gamertags of the developers in the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam then add them as their friends. Below is a list of the developers participating in the event:

PlayStation 5

September 29 & September 30:

  • ArkaneLyon_Loops
  • ArkaneLyon_0451


September 29 & September 30:

  • Morkel2786
  • Shuazor
  • oAGI27o
  • Georgio345311
  • CaptainAlini
  • Psyk0ra


September 29 Only:

  • ArkaneLyon_ Leplusbodeslapin

September 29 & September 30:

  • ArkaneLyon_ejonas
  • ArkaneLyon_SneakyV
  • ArkaneLyon_rbarrilliot
  • ArkaneLyon_GALLEGOR
  • ArkaneLyon_VZP
  • ArkaneLyon_Pawel
  • ArkaneLyon_bsmith
  • ArkaneLyon_Pataloon

Players are also encouraged to follow the official Deathloop Twitter account from September 26 through October 2. There will be giveaways there as well during the event. Make sure to use the hashtags #TeamColt or #TeamJulianna and #BethesdaGiveaway when posting or participating in the event. Players who join the fun can win Deathloop Custom Xbox Series X (two), Deathloop Inspired Xbox Controllers, Art of Deathloop books, and even vinyl records to give away. The full terms and conditions were also posted on the website.

On September 29 from 10 am to 12 pm ET there will be a showdown between Narrative Designer Bennett Smith against select members of a team in Bethesda. Viewers can catch it on the Bethesda Twitch channel to watch Bennett turn on the shredder and keep the engine rolling.


Deathloop Aleksis Key Art
Credit: Bethesda

The PvP of Deathloop

The idea behind the PvP in Deathloop is fairly different from the usual player versus player of first-person shooter action-adventure games. Players can either take the perspective of Colt or Juliana. The protagonist, Colt can be invaded by any other player who will be controlling the character of Juliana. Solo players can also disable this feature by switching to offline mode. This does not make you safe from the grasp of Juliana as she will be controlled by an AI if you decide to go offline.

A player trying to progress the game through Colt and is currently using the game’s online features can be invaded anytime by other players. These players include your friends and random players. The goal of every Colt player, once invaded, is to defeat Juliana. There are two ways to do this, you can either be stealthy and run away from Juliana until the game tells you that you won, or you can slay Juliana and win the PvP. Depending on your build and weapon inventory, players can either engage in a fight or flight.

Players who decide to take the role of Juliana and invade other players online will reap rewards for successfully taking out Colt. From placing mines to disguising yourself as an NPC, Juliana players will play as the cat trying to catch the mouse. To get more details on the PvP gameplay of Deathloop, you can check out their website.


Deathloop is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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