Andrew Tate: Arrested ex-police officer “It is a fabricated case”

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After a meteoric rise to fame in 2022, which saw Andrew Tate become the most Googled person on the planet, things came crashing down just as fast as the Tate brothers and two accomplices were arrested in December 2022 on suspected human trafficking charges.

Since their arrest, Andrew Tate, his brother Tristan, Tristan’s PA Georgiana, and ex-police officer Luana Radu have been incarcerated in a Romanian jail as the investigation into these charges is conducted.

We finally saw our first glimpse of Andrew Tate, Tristan, Georgiana, and Luana since their arrest earlier this week as they attended court for an appeal which was denied. And now, we’ve heard from one of them for the first time since their December 29 arrest.

Luana Radu, also known as Ellie Dely online, is an ex-Romanian police officer that left the force and eventually joined the Tate brothers as part of their webcam studio empire.

Along with the Tates and Georgiana, Luana has been held in jail since the four were arrested in a raid on their homes on December 29 on suspected human trafficking charges.

Andrew Tate Tristan Georgiana Luana Handcuffed Court January 10 2023
Credit: Gandul

Luana was allowed out of jail temporarily to attend the funeral of her grandfather, where she spoke to reporters briefly for the first time since her arrest.

You can read the full transcript of the conversation below, translated into English.

Luana Radu transcription

Reporter: “Why did you help the Tate Brothers? Were you obligated by the Tate Brothers? Have you witnessed any moments of abuse by the Tate Brothers?”

Luana Radu: “We are innocent! It is a completely fabricated case. There is no such proof.”

Reporter: “Who would have fabricated this case?”

Luana Radu: “The orders are from abroad.”

Reporter: “Does anybody have problems with the Tate Brothers abroad?”

Luana Radu: “Yes. They speak truths that hurt.”

Reporter: “Were they behaving nicely?”

Luana Radu: “They behave well with everyone. I was never abused either”

Reporter: “Why do you think the case was fabricated?”

Luana Radu: “There is no evidence against me.”

Reporter: “Do you regret collaborating with the Tate Brothers?”

Luana Radu: “They did not do anything either. They are innocent. They talked too much and scared high-ranking people.”


You can check out the full clip below. We could not embed the original video in the article, so the clip below is taken from Twitter but is the same content.

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