Top 5 “Workout Games” Similar to Nintendo Switch Sports

The COVID-19 pandemic has cooped us up at home for quite some time. We had our food and groceries mostly delivered instead of us having to take a walk to buy them ourselves. Gyms were closed, and some of our yoga mats, admit it or not, became mere comforters.

Sure, the pandemic regulations have loosened up, and we are slowly going back to a world without facemasks.

However, some of us might have gotten attached to the comfort of home a little too much, just facing our gadgets all day long for work or recreation, not worrying about traffic, in the last one to two years.

To be honest, this lifestyle is a little bit hard to let go of, especially now if we have to go back to the office for work.

While staying at home has its charms, it makes us inactive most of the time. And without seeing fit people in the gym to pressure us to get moving, working out at home is close to impossible.

But, of course, we need to stay active and healthy, right? And while we may be cooking the healthiest of meals at home, we also need to break a sweat.

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Basically, we want to keep our blood pumping while actually enjoying it. And what better way to do it than playing video games for fitness and exercise?

These games are our savior, really. With the release of Nintendo Switch Sports, we are given yet another reason to move it, move it.

But what if you don’t have the game yet, what other games can you play that will actually make you break a sweat?

Don’t worry! We have gathered some really good workout games similar to Nintendo Switch Sports that you can give a try.

Take note, however, that these games are not necessarily all about sports but will definitely get you off the couch.

Ring Fit Adventure

Platform/s: Nintendo Switch

Credit: Nintendo

Just before Nintendo Switch Sports got all the hype, we had Ring Fit Adventure.

In this game, you will have to perform certain physical activities and fitness routines using the Ring-Con and Leg Strap.

If you’re a gym rat, this was probably your best option during the pandemic when gyms and other facilities had to close down. But while the gym is still a better place to work out and achieve results, Ring Fit Adventure is a great way—if played properly—to be fitter without getting bored.

Fitness Boxing 1 and 2

Platform/s: Nintendo Switch

Credit: Nintendo

Fitness Boxing 1 and 2 are great alternatives if you’re not into the intense workout that Ring Fit Adventure offers, and especially if you love boxing.

In these exergaming video games, you will have to perform punches and dodge maneuvers. These games also have a playlist of instrumental versions of pop songs played during each workout exercise. These include titles such as Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, and more!

Zumba Burn it Up!

Platform/s: Nintendo Switch

Credit: Nintendo

If you’re not into sports or gym routines but love to dance, then Zumba Burn it Up! is a good option for you.

In this game, you will have to dance to catchy tunes and have fun while breaking a sweat.

Just Dance 2022

Platform/s: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Google Stadia

Credit: Nintendo

As its name suggests, Just Dance is a dance rhythm video game where you must mimic the on-screen dancer’s choreography to a chosen song.

The game is pretty similar to Zumba Burn it Up! but you’ll have to dance with bleached-up animated human figures instead of human dancers on your screen.

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Jump Rope Challenge

Platform/s: Nintendo Switch

Credit: Nintendo

While this may not be everyone’s favorite, Jump Rope Challenge will make you break a sweat without breaking your bank.

Yup, the game is absolutely free!

Developed by a small team while working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown, the game will have you jumping over an imaginary skipping rope by performing motions using the Joy-Con controllers. The game will also prescribe a specific number of jumps every day.

While all these workout games will definitely let you have fun and break a sweat at the same time, you’ll need to pair them up with a balanced diet to stay healthy.

These games were designed to keep your pulse racing without getting bored. But if you want more rigorous training and get that washboard stomach, of course, you have the option to go back to the gym.

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