Pokemon Go: Top 10 Best Shiny Pokemon

As trainers, we all know that unless there is a special event or Community Day taking place, the chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon are pretty low, and down to nothing other than sheer chance.

Here at The Click, we decided to celebrate our love of all things Pokemon Go and countdown the 10 best Shiny Pokemon to find out in the Wild.

Pokemon from events, or any of the ten million Pikachu with a different style of hat – maybe a slight exaggeration, nine million Pikachus with a different hat are always going to be rare, but what’s out there to catch in your garden on a Sunday afternoon.

Which Shiny Pokemon are trainers the least likely to encounter? Let’s find out!

10. Bellsprout

Credit: Niantic

Bellsprout is a Grass & Poison Pokemon, with the evolution of Weepinbell. Bellsprout is vulnerable to Flying, Fire, Psychic, and Ice moves. To increase your chances of encountering a Bellsprout, a Mossy Lure Module can be used at a Pokestop or Gym.

9. Swablu

Credit: Niantic

In 9th place of the current Pokemon spawning in the wild, we have Swablu.

Swablu featured in a self-titled community day in May 2021, with Shiny Swablu spawning frequently in the wild. The Normal / Flying-type Pokemon takes 400 candies to evolve, so unless you find a lot of them, it’s a Pokemon you may need to set as your buddy to evolve into the stunning evolution, Altaria.

A favorite amongst Shiny hunters, Swablu is currently spawning within the wild, so now is the time to try to catch the highly sought-after Shiny Pokemon.

8. Mr. Mime

Credit: Niantic

At number 8 – we have the one and only, Mr. Mime!

Mr. Mime is a Psychic / Fairy type Pokemon, who was part of an exclusive paid event in December 2020, that saw Mr. Mime’s Galarian introduction, and the evolution of Mr. Rime – the Ice /Psychic Variant.

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7. Bronzor

Credit: Niantic

At number 7 – and currently spawning in the wild at an increased rate, we have Bronzor.

Bronzor is a Steel / Psychic Pokemon, that evolves into Bronzong for 50 candies. This all-around, solid Pokemon, is certainly one that any collector of Shiny Pokemon likes to possess.

6. Jynx

Credit: Niantic

Coming in at Number 6, we have a Pokemon that certainly has her own unique fashion choices – Jynx.

Jynx can be evolved from Smoochum for only 25 candies. This Ice / Psychic-type Pokemon from the Kanto region changes her outfit to an even more stylish pink dress, as well as a lighter hair color. She owns her style that’s for sure! Rock it girl!

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5. Glameow

Credit: Niantic

As we reach the halfway point, entering the list at number 5, Glameow.

Glameow, as the name suggests, is an incredibly glamorous Cat, that changes its color from purple to pink when caught as a Shiny Pokemon, with cloudy weather conditions boosting the spawn rate. Glameow can be evolved to Purugly using only 50 candies.

4. Seedot

Credit: Niantic

At number 4, we have one of the smallest Pokemon of all, Seedot.

Seedot featured in its own Community Day in December 2020 and is known for making its biggest appearance during the Summer months, up until the Autumn (maybe they are collected by Patrat ready for hibernation). If trainers are wanting to catch a Shiny Seedot, the Summer is the time to do it!

3. Magikarp

Credit: Niantic

Coming in position number 3, we have the small, but mighty, Magikarp.

Magikarp is a Water Pokemon, so you’re more likely to find it around areas of water, however, it is also known for spawning anywhere it chooses. Magikarp featured in a Community Day in August 2020 and has been laying low since. However, Magikarp has been seen spawning more frequently lately. Could this mean the opportunity is back to try and catch a Shiny?

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2. Voltorb

Credit: Niantic

As we near the end, coming in at 2nd place in the Top 10 rarest wild Shiny Pokemon, we have Voltorb.

Following the release of the Hisuian Voltorb in January 2022, Voltorb is back making its appearance in the wild. Voltorb was featured in Spotlight hour in February 2022 but has been quiet ever since. Only now is the chance to catch it again, Will you be lucky enough to catch the Shiny?

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1. Krabby

Credit: Niantic

Finally, we have made it to the rarest wild Pokemon currently in Pokemon Go, Krabby!

Krabby is causing much speculation amongst trainers. Does it even exist anymore? There have been suggestions that shiny Krabby was removed completely from the game, but no official confirmation of this has been released! However, between us here at The Click, we are yet to find one! Most often found near bodies of water, Krabby is most certainly to watch out for!

Be sure to let us know if you find one this summer by dropping us a message over on our ‘TheClickGGInstagram, Facebook, or Twitter page, and we will feature your Krabby within this article…. prove us wrong trainers. Is Krabby still out there? Happy Catching!

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