Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Tier List (March 2022)

With over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is undeniably one, if not the most popular mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game in recent years.

But with 114 heroes as of writing, it can be challenging for inexperienced players to choose which ones to play as. And with constant updates, older players may also have a tough time identifying which heroes are in the meta. 

In this tier list, we are going to distinguish which heroes are currently considered strong and which ones probably need to get buffed.  

Of course, one’s proficiency in using these heroes and knowledge on items and builds affects how well one performs in the game. This list will only show which heroes have an edge over others and give an idea of who to prioritize banning in draft picks. This does not show which heroes can guarantee a win. 

Credit: Mobile Legends

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Complete Tier List  

This tier list has six categories. S tier is for heroes that are considered superior as of writing. The next category is A which consists of heroes that are strong but not as strong as the S tier. Then, the list continues with each following category considered less effective for the current meta. 

Granger Floryn Chang’e Grock Harith Faramis 
Benedetta Chou Miya Alucard X.Borg Martis 
Brody Jawhead Zhask Lesley Akai Hilda 
Paquito Silvanna Ling Eudora Khaleed Dyrroth 
Alice Kagura Claude Sun Argus Masha 
Esmeralda Yin Hayabusa Popol and Kupa Leomord Gord 
Wanwan Bruno Zilong Lapu-Lapu Kadita Vexana 
Tigreal Mathilda Harley Franco Nana  
Natalia Kaja Aldous Barats Valir  
Aulus Guinevere Luo Yi Alpha Baxia  
Valentina Rafaela Angela Vale Minotaur  
Aamon Johnson Uranus Saber Lylia  
Edith Gatotkaca Hylos Yu, Zhong Cyclops  
Selena Helcurt Atlas Irithel Odette  
Roger Phoveus Layla Ruby Hanzo  
Lancelot Natan Yi Sun-shin Cecilion Badang  
Khufra Beatrix Pharsa Bane Karrie  
 Gusion Clint Balmond Kimmy  
 Gloo Fanny Freya Thamuz  
 Yve Karina Lolita Aurora  
 Estes Lunox Belerick Minsitthar  
 Melissa Moskov Carmilla Terizla   
 Diggie   Hanabi  

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Recently, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has announced the upcoming hero Xavier’s release. Moreover, some adjustments are in the process for heroes such as Vexana and Wanwan. Surely, these updates will change the tier list soon. 

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