Tower of Fantasy: The Wormhole, Blessing Runes and Rewards

Tower of Fantasy Wormhole

One of the anomalies in Tower of Fantasy is the Wormhole. This is a solo challenge that needs preparation and strategy to win against.

If you are looking for a survival game in Tower of Fantasy, you can give the Wormhole challenge a shot. It requires the Wanderer to prepare weapons and relics to match the target weak points of the enemies in the mini-map before entering. This is a challenge for the long haul.

The goal of this challenge is to defeat several enemies on a map within five minutes. There are floor levels in each Wormhole. There are also scattered time bonuses on the map. If you get those bonuses, 30 seconds is added to your time. Each enemy also has a percentage that would be added to your percentage counter each time you defeat a monster.

There are also mini-bosses in each Wormhole. The biggest challenge of the mini-bosses is making sure that you are able to defeat them within five minutes while still making sure that you have enough health points to continue on the next floor. If you go beyond the five-minute mark, you get inflicted with a debuff that gradually reduces your health points.


Tower of Fantasy Wormhole Preparation
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

Preparing for the Wormhole

To get to the Wormhole challenge, start by opening the Adventure menu on your main screen. Choose the challenges tab; from there, you should see the option to enter the Wormhole.

If you are just starting this challenge, you will only have the Hydra Wormhole as an option. Go to the Hydra Wormhole and it should display the floor level on the left pane. In the middle of the screen, you will see your current HP and the recommended CS for this floor. Above that, you will see how many levels there are for this Wormhole.

The most important part of this screen is the Target Weak Point section. This provides the player with an overview of which weapons and relics would be best used to clear the floor. The player must choose the weapons and relics with the same Resonance displayed on the Target Wek Point screen. The Wanderer will NOT have an option to switch weapons and relics once you click Challenge.


Tower of Fantasy Wormhole Blessing Runes
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

The Blessing Runes and in the Wormhole

The Blessing Runes are random drops from eliminated monsters in the Wormhole. They are often dropped by Elite enemies scattered throughout the map of that level. They will look like a transparent triangle on the floor. Make sure to pick them up to get the buff. There will be three options to choose from. The buffs are divided into three types: attack, defense, and endurance-reducing buffs.

These buffs are essential for the survival of the Wanderer in the Wormhole. Once you have obtained the Blessing Rune, you will be given an option to choose from three buffs. You can choose the best buff, depending on your playstyle. If you are choosing an attack buff, it is best to choose a buff that would increase your damage based on the Target Weak Point of the enemies in that Wormhole.

The player has the option to choose the buff after getting them or after clearing the floor. Either way, you must get the buff before you exit the floor because you will not be given a chance to choose them after. These buffs are carried over to the next floor of the chapter.

Below are all the Blessing Runes you can get in the Wormhole:

Blessing RuneEffectDetailsBuff Type
Eternal TrialAttack +180 / Increase damage dealt to high-HP targetsUpon 4/8 stacks, deal 100% / 200% extra damage to target with more than 80% HPAttack
Heart of ThornsAttack +180 / Damage boost upon defeating enemiesUpon 4/8 stacks, deal 100% / 200% extra damage to target with more than 80% HPAttack
Devouring SunFinal Crit Rate +5% / Crits cause targets to bleedUpon 4/8 stacks, Crit inflicts a bleed effect on the main target for 10 seconds with damage equal to 45% / 90% of ATK every second of itAttack
Overclocking ProgramAttack +180 / Increase damage taken and damage dealthUpon 4/8 stacks, +20% damage suffered and gain 40% / 60% damage boostAttack
Radical ParticleFinal Crit Rate +5% / Periodically grant double-damage buffUpon 4/8 stacks, deals double damage once every 2/1 secondsAttack
Shadow BurstFinal Crit Rate +5% / Increase final Crit RateUpon 4/8 stacks, final Crit Rate +20%/ final Crit Rate +30% and Crit Damage  +50%Attack


Blessing RuneEffectDetailsBuff Type
Mechanical CoreHP +14,400 / Grant Physical damage reductionUpon 4/8 stacks, reduce physical damage received by 20% / 30%Defense
Mechanical ShadowHP +14,400 / Grant Frost damage reductionUpon 4/8 stacks, reduce frost damage received by 20% / 30%Defense
Physical ReconstructionHP +14,400 / Reduce endurance consumptionUpon 4/8 stacks, reduce endurance consumption by 50% / 75%Defense
Mechanical ParticleHP +14,400 / Grant Volt damage reductionUpon 4/8 stacks, reduce volt damage received by 20% / 30%Defense
Mechanical Flame DragonHP +14,400 / Grant Flame damage reductionUpon 4/8 stacks, reduce flame damage received by 20% / 30%Defense
Cloister of EchoesHP +14,400 / Recover HP at start of each stageUpon 4/8 stacks, at the beginning of each stage, recover 10% / 20% of HP lostDefense
Tower of Fantasy Wormhole Details
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

Tips and Tricks to clear the Wormhole

  • Make sure to pick the weapons that have the Resonance of the Target Weak Point of the Wormhole
  • Check your relics as well before entering the Wormhole
  • Do not forget to make use of all your arsenal by using your relic each time it is available
  • Pick the buff that is similar to the Target Weak Point displayed at the start of the challenge
  • Eliminate Elite enemies instead of basic monsters on the map; they have a higher chance of dropping Blessing Runes
  • Do not forget to glance at the time if you feel like you’re spending too much time on a floor. Your HP will decrease as soon as you reach the 5-minute mark
  • Pick up other drops from monsters like Bonus Time items to extend your time on the floor and Regen Orbs that grant the player a percentage of lost HP
  • If you have the needed resources, make sure to enhance weapons and relics before entering the Wormhole
  • Stack your buffs so they have more potency


Wormhole rewards

The player gets Energy Crystal Dusts as the main reward for completing each Wormhole. Don’t worry if you did not get them right away. It will be sent to your mailbox after five days. The Energy Crystal Dusts can be used to purchase Gifts, Armor sets, and other upgrade materials at the Commissary Crystal Dust Store.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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